The Products I Bring When Packing A Carry-On Bag

I always prefer to fly with a carry-on bag versus checking a bag with the airline. I’ve had my bag “lost” before and it’s not a pleasant experience, plus I can walk right out of the airport when I land…

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Behind the Business: A New Series

Guys! I’m so excited because today is the first official day of my Behind The Business Series! I shared this on Instagram recently, but I’m going to be tackling some of the most frequently and commonly asked questions that I…

A $6 Eyeshadow Palette Worth Trying

If I had to choose one, I’d be much more likely to spend money on clothes than makeup. I have a little more fun with clothes, putting outfits together and styling things, but am feeling more experimental towards makeup lately!…

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EA’s Spring Sale is On!

It’s officially Spring Sale time at Elisabeth Ashlie! I thought I would share with you the jewelry (and goods) that I wear most often, in case you don’t know where to start while shopping. Top (left to right): Grateful Mug,…

What’s Your Morning Routine?

I love the mornings. In the early morning, I love when it’s dark and quiet and feels like I’m the only one in the world that is awake. I’m most productive and creative in the morning, coming off of sleep…

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  • Are you a carry-on or checked bag when flying kind of girl? I will always try to make a carry-on work, but it can get a little dicey when it comes time to choose which liquids to pack #toomanyproducts 🙈 My two non-negotiables: my own shampoo/conditioner and skincare (morning and night serum). What are the things you won’t travel without? More in today’s blog post! • #liketkit
  • Let’s Stay Home 🖤 my favorite way to spend a Sunday! Checking some things off the list today to prep for the week, including clearing out our kitchen - counter demo starts tomorrow 🙌🏻 P.S. these shorts are from the new line at Target and pure heaven • #liketkit
  • Hey, Friday 👋🏻 Happy to see you! A couple things: 1. This lipstick got a lot of love on Stories yesterday, and for good reason! It’s 👌🏻. (Shade: Salt Lyfe). 2. We’re supposed to hit the 60’s this weekend and I’m very happy about that. 3. Random fact: I love March Madness! Did you make a bracket? We’re in a little competition with some of our friends and, while I’m not normally a competitive person, I get pretty into this. Currently in 2nd place, but we’ll see what happens after today’s games 😂 • #liketkit

Spring Shopping Guide

Spring weather is starting to arrive, which means I’m in spring-shopping mode. I have yet to go through my existing collection of warm weather clothes to see what holes I need to fill this year, but I have a feeling…

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