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Good Morning and Happy Friday! My mom and sister arrive this afternoon for a visit, so I've been looking forward to today! Per usual, we have a list of things we're hoping to do together that's about 3 pages too long, so we'll be busy. 

Can we take a second to talk about how we're only ONE WEEK away from Black Friday? That is crazy! That is usually my busiest weekend for Elisabeth Ashlie, so I'm simultaneously excited and terrified for its arrival 😂 I don't usually shop all that much that weekend, but I'm going to try to think through gifting this week, so that I can be strategic about it. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed with all of the sales and stores and everything that I just avoid it completely! 

This perfect swacket (sweatshirt jacket) arrived yesterday and I can't wait to wear it this weekend. It's a great option for when you want to be warm and comfortable, but also look put together. The structure of the fabric holds up well without looking frumpy. (Fit is true to size) 

I tried one of my new polishes from Essie last night and love how it turned out. I opted for this color and it's perfect -- almost black, but reflects the plum in certain lighting. It's really pretty.

I've been out of the habit of wearing a watch, but this beauty may change my ways. 

I tried this new recipe for dinner this week and it was delicious! I added some stir-fried veggies to our bowls, too. 

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Hope you have a great weekend! 

A Look Inside Our Home: Our Living Space

I'm so happy to finally take you inside our main living space in our home! We live in a two-story townhouse, with bedrooms and my studio upstairs, so much of our time at home is spent in our living space. I fell in love with this place the first time we walked through it and was so excited about putting together our first home. It's been a work in progress and I've changed/added a few things since we moved in August, but it works really well for us now. 

Have a look inside:

Globe | Wood Decorative Box (from H&M, similar)

Glass Box (from Anthropologie, similar) | Aloe Plant (from Target)

Wood Tray | Marble Stand | Marble Coasters | Peace Bookend (from Target, no longer available)

Pillow Cover (from H&M, also love this!) | Chair

Bookshelf (from Sam's Club - similar, similar) | Mirrors and Frames (from Hobby Lobby) | Grey Mirror (antique) | Marble Candle Stands (from Home Goods, similar) | Wireless Speaker | Oil Diffuser

Gold Pots | Artificial Plants | White Candles | House Lantern (small, large) | Welcome Plate (from Jo Ann Fabrics)

Letterboard | Air Plant Holders (from Target)

Pom Pom Throw (from At Home) | Boxwood Topiaries | White Candle Stands (from Ikea) | White Pillows | Accent Pillow (from Target) | Couch (Style: Option H) | Three-drawer Table (from Home Goods)

Bar betails coming in a future blog post!

Letters (Hobby Lobby)

Gold Planter (from Urban Outfitters, smaller version) | Coat Rack (similar) | Pendant Lights (from At Home) | Welcome Sign (from our wedding)

I've shared details of where most things are from throughout the post (under the photos they're featured in), as well as here. If I haven't shared the source or linked to something, it's either not available online, very old, or was a gift! 


Gift Guide: Cozy At Home

1. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Robe -- it's fitting that the word "dreams" is in the brand name for this robe because that is what it is made of. It's a bit spendy, BUT the perfect gift for a new mom, your mom, your best friend, or to put on your own wishlist. I'll never not buy a Barefoot Dreams robe and, according to what I've heard, I probably won't need to buy a new one for like 10 years. 

2. Crate & Barrel Popcorn Bowls -- perfect for curling up on the couch to watch a movie!

3. Stovetop Popcorn Popper -- listen, if you (or the people you're gifting for) like popcorn and don't currently make it on the stovetop, you're doing it wrong. This is such a fun gift to give and can be perfect for just about anyone - from your new neighbor to your best friend. 

5. 40 oz. Tumbler -- we have two of these in our home and they're nearly always in use. Perfect for staying hydrated while binge-watching a favorite show. 

7. Nordstrom Shorty Pajama Set -- I'm a sucker for hotel pajama sets, something about them makes me feel just a little bit fancier while lounging on the couch.

8. Elisabeth Ashlie Merry & Bright Mug -- everyone should be sipping their hot drink of choice out of a festive mug! 

9. Aerie Ribbed Sleep Leggings -- so cozy and fit true to size.

10. Silk Sleep Mask -- for a better night's sleep! 

12. Blush Hoodie -- to keep warm on the couch.

13. UE Boom Wireless Speaker -- we received one of these for our wedding and use it all the time. Great for background music while entertaining or listening to a podcast while relaxing. 

15. Color-block and Fur Pillow -- for all the added coziness to your favorite lounge spot. 

16. Christmas Tree Farm Soy Candle -- something about lighting a candle just sets the mood for ultimate relaxation. It doesn't hurt when they smell really delicious, too! 

17. White Marble Diffuser -- I love to diffuse lavender and eucalyptus to trick my mind into thinking I'm at the spa 😂

18. Apple TV -- for the ultimate binge-watching experience, of course. 

19. Fresh Beauty Mask Wardrobe  -- for multi-tasking or multi-masking!

20. Audible Subscription -- a great option for someone who loves listening to audiobooks. 

21. Ugg Slippers -- I slip these on every morning! 

A Look Inside Our Home: Our Master Bedroom

This is something that has been in pretty high-demand since I've shared some photos of our home on Instagram, so I'm happy to finally share it with you! There are a lot of reasons that we ended up renting this townhouse - one of the big draws being our master bedroom. It's a great size, has a double vanity sink in the bathroom and his and hers closets

The design aesthetic is quite similar to my last bedroom (pre-marriage/living with a man), which worked out well. I didn't feel the need to completely overhaul an ultra-feminine room with more neutral or masculine things. The dresser, chair, bench, rug, and nearly all of the accent and decorative pieces were things I already owned. We both really like how the room turned out - it's relaxing and serene and cozy. 

Take a look around!

For details on this wall, read this post

Hemnes Dresser in White Stain | Drawer Pulls | Mirror (from Home Goods) | Vase | Laundry Bin | Lamp Base and Shade | Marble Tray | Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant (from At Home) | Picture Frames | Shelf and Brackets | Be Still, My Soul Art 

Pendant Lamp (from Hobby Lobby, similar, similar) | Wingback Chair (similar) | Rug | Pouf (from Target, similar) | Silver Table (Home Goods, similar and similar) | Tassel Blanket (from Wayfair, similar) | Fur Pillow | Ladder (antique, similar and similar) | Marble Stand

Side Table | Mr. Sign (from our Wedding)

Fur Throw (from At Home)


Coffee Conversations

Good morning and happy Friday! I'm looking forward to working this morning and then hopefully going out to track down a Christmas tree for our home. It's supposed to be frigidly cold this weekend, so I figured I may as well use our time indoors to cozy up our home and decorate for the holidays. But the question is, flocked or not flocked? I love the look of a realistic flocked tree, but we'll see what I can find!

Speaking of decorating for the holidays, it's around this time of year that I start to really wish that we had a fireplace and mantel. I would love to create something like this. I'm considering re-purposeing one piece of furniture in our living space to sort of turn it into a mantel for the season - we'll see if it will work! Also love these and the idea of adding garland to all the things, like this. Very into wrapping holiday gifts like this this year!

How stinking cute is this little bag tag?

One of my goals for end of year 2017/beginning of 2018 for Elisabeth Ashlie is reworking and reorganizing our inventory system. It's a little bit wild right now, and with having someone new coming into the mix, I'm realizing just how unorganized and inefficient it all is! I bought this label maker a few weeks ago and have been labeling all the things in my studio. It's so easy to use and is already proving to be incredibly useful to have around. 

I've been wearing this lipstick a lot lately and forgot how much I love it! I wore it on our wedding day! Some of my favorite everyday lip products have been bundled into a great set - this would make such a good gift. 

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Have a great weekend!