yet another one…

…so, this is probably the seventh blog i’ve started in the past three years. hopefully, i’ll stick with it. seventh time’s the charm, right?!

but really, i’m so inspired by all those crafty, diy, design bloggers out there. i want to have a place where i can write about all the cool things i find and all the new things i make.

i love to create and craft and design. whether it’s jewelry, magnets, wall hangings, or any other cool thing for my house. as long as i get to make something with my hands and exercise the creative part of my brain, i’m a happy camper!

so, here goes nothing!

oh, and i found the most precious blog backgrounds and badges over at – and they’re all FREE!

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  1. I just started a blog and found you! I am also inspired by all of the crafty, diy bloggers out there, so I now have my own! Working on my intro post now!

    Posted 12.27.12 Reply

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