clothes for your feet

that's right, i'm talking about shoes, people. i've [finally] developed a love for shoes and actually enjoy shopping for them now. it's been a long time coming, really, because i love shopping in general...for pretty much pretty much anytime. if i could shop for a career, i would. oh wait, i could...hmm. anyways, i never really loved shopping for shoes because i could never find anything the right look, fit, style, etc. oh, and all i wanted to wear were my gold ballet flats from the Gap. which i've probably worn at least 700 times. i love them. they're perfect. but, they have no support. being that i have a job that requires me to be on my feet for six hours [sometimes i wish i could just sit at a desk and then i realize what i just thought and laugh...i would probably cry of boredom] i need shoes with good support and very, very worn-in ballet flats just ain't cuttin' it. so, i put my big girl pants on and made myself fall in love with shoes. and let me tell you, it was an excellent decision. except now i find myself shopping for shoes maybe a little too often. but i restrain myself, most of the time.

i also just discovered a new store online called lulu's. they have GREAT shoes and GREAT prices. my dream. here's some of my faves:
these look so comfy and warm for fall! and they have the perfect wedge for those "just too long for flats" jeans. aren't those the worst?!
love the color and the heel. yes. 
so fun for summer. playful and feminine.

and that's just a few of the totally cute shoes that they offer! 

some more of my faves from other stores:
i absolutely love every single thing about these shoes. they would be prefect for a party! [wish i knew where they were from!]

these i love for fall, and they're from rack room shoes!

and these, oh boy. i cannot even express my deep love for these beauties. the color, the look, the shape, the designer. yes, yes, yes.

who wants to go shopping for shoes?! i do!

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