today is a historic day for me…i just experienced my first earthquake! 
here’s the story:
i’m sitting outside on the patio at school, enjoying the sun and beautiful weather today while working on some economics homework. i suddenly feel the ground start to shake, but assumed it was just someone pushing a cart or some machine in the building causing the movement. other people at other tables start looking at each other, “did you feel that?”, “what was that?!”. i didn’t even think twice about it, just continued on doing my homework, like the good student that i am (ahem, *sarcasm*). 
[two minutes pass, still working on homework]
my phone rings and i answer to my sister frantically saying, “hi, where are you??” immediately i know something is wrong because that’s an unusual greeting from her. “at school, why?” i say. she proceeds to tell me that we just had an earthquake here in raleigh. she was sitting on the couch and it just started shaking, like someone was behind it and running into it. she said her walls started creaking and she actually thought she was in danger. i immediately start to laugh because i can’t believe that i didn’t even know there was an earthquake and i sat right through it! then i know it really did happen because i hear and see the news helicopters in the sky. craziness!
this is now my second natural disaster i’ve experienced here in raleigh. although i thankfully was not around for it, the tornadoes of april 16th caused a lot of devastation here in raleigh (had i been here, i wouldn’t have lived through it because i am absolutely and totally terrified of tornadoes…think breaking into a cold sweat and uneven breathing patterns) 
and, rumor has it, good ole’ Irene (hurricane) is headed straight for the carolina’s this weekend. chances are her route will change over the next few days, but you never know. she may be a stubborn girl. two natural disasters in one week? i don’t know if i can handle it. 
on a lighter note, aren’t my boys totally precious? i love them 🙂
meet milo. (i think the flash was a little bright)
and otis. 
hope they’re holding down the fort while i’m at school! i’m sure they held the pictures to the wall and made sure my dishes stayed on the counter…

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