run-ins at the gym

along with my newfound love for shoes [read post], i have a newfound like for going to the gym. not quite love yet, but better than my prior distaste for everything exercise related. i go to the gym for two reasons:

1. i pay a monthly membership so you better believe i try to make that worth my while...or my dollar. and i work out at a very new ymca here in it's really nice.
2. i love dessert and pizza and french fries. there. i said it.

i had a conversation last night with a friend on our way home from bible study about working out and why i do it. my answer: so i can eat ice cream after dinner. seriously. maybe not the best of motivations but it gets me to the gym and makes me a little healthier [before i eat the ice cream].

another reason i enjoy going to the gym? all the interesting stories i get to leave with. you may not think that the gym is the type of place to see people do really strange things, but i assure you, it is.

case in point: trampoline chick
a couple weeks ago i was at the gym on one of the elliptical machines. i hate to run so the elliptical is the closest thing to it. so i'm just moving along, listening to pandora and watching "the price is right" on tv. [i usually try to pick a machine that's not directly next to a person...for the following reason] a girl comes up and gets on the machine next to me. basically every other machine is wide open for the picking, but she picks the one next to me. ok, cool. so she starts going...getting a little quicker...a little faster and then suddenly it's like she strapped moon shoes onto her feet and she started bouncing all over the place. i'm talking hair bobbing, arms pumping, cheeks shaking type of bouncing. with great difficulty, i restrain myself from busting out laughing at how awkward i suddenly feel being next to this bouncy ball. she continues bouncing for a few minutes and then it's back to regular elliptical behavior. i figured she realized that maybe bouncing up and down wasn't the most effective way to use the machine...but no. a few minutes later, she's got her bounce back in her step and is doing work. this goes on at least four or five times until i cannot hold it in anymore and have to walk away from my workout. i later told my sister about it and did a very accurate reenactment which was followed by a burst of laughter. good times.

another case: myspace girl
i was at the gym on a separate occasion and saw a grown woman take a myspace-style mirror picture of herself. i had put my bag in the locker room and was making my way out to the  gym when i walked past the full-length mirror right before the door to exit. there was a 30-something woman standing there, looking all spiffy and checking herself out in the mirror, which we all do from time to time. as i approached her, i realized that she had a cell phone in her hand and was taking a picture of herself! not only that, but she was giggling while she was doing it. the worst part? making eye contact with her after the picture was taken and during the giggling. i quickly looked away so as not to embarrass her, although, let's be honest, if someone is going to take a mirror picture right by the locker room door during rush hour at the gym, she's probably not easily embarrassed. so i quickly exited and am fairly certain she didn't even notice me at that point. i salute her for her obvious confidence and lack of insecurity but would also urge her to take her photography skills to a different mirror...maybe one that wasn't right in the middle of a high traffic area. i felt like i was interrupting a moment...between her and her reflection.

i just got back from the gym, and sadly have no worthy stories to document now. but i'm sure, in due time, i will have more. until then, i'll be enjoying some ice cream.

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