someday sunday

someday, i would like a home with this bathroom in it.

check out this beauty here

isn't it lovely? not only is the color palette one of my faves (grey & yellow) but i LOVE a claw-foot tub. i love that they are useful and decorative. especially since you can paint them and make them pretty like this one! also, i adore the idea of a small chandelier in the bathroom, like this one:

look for it here

beautiful, right?

someday, maybe. someday.


  1. I love just watching the DIY network and all those fancy shows about renovating homes. I can't wait for the day I get to design my own home all the way down to the little knobs on cabinets. PS I love the second tub.

  2. kandyce, i love those shows too! it's amazing to see what can be done with homes. i dream about the day i can design a home and handpick everything too! thanks for following my blog :)


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