anthropologie, i love you.

my sister finally came back to raleigh last night after staying in chicago a few days longer than me. turns out, she and my mom went shopping every single day that i wasn’t there. i was just a tiny bit bummed to be sitting in class and going to work while i knew they were out at the outlet mall, but luckily they like me enough to buy me some goodies too! when i heard they were going to anthropologie without me, i was shocked. stunned, even. they know i love that store. how could they go without me?! turns out, they bought me some stuff 🙂
my sister picked up that to-die-for ceramic fruit holder thing (i should name things professionally) and my mom picked out those totes adorbs (i like to shorten words, especially words like totally and adorable.) pencils and kitchen sticky notes. it was like christmas morning. i’m pretty sure i have an unhealthy relationship with this store…

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