blog makeover

i did a little makeover to this here blog…what do we think?!

i love it, mostly. there’s still a few minor details to be fixed and tweaked, but overall, i’m happy as a clam. 
in other news, i watched the auditions for x factor, that new singing show on fox, tonight. and, oh. my. goodness. there were some real winners in that bunch. between the 50 year old hippie who bared his bum and other areas to the entire audience *gag* while singing an original tune and the 70 year old man with his 82 year old wife singing an adorable [read: terrible] little duet together, i had my fill of laughs for the night. really, though, i love singing shows like that because i’m always amazed at people who can sing really well. there was some actually talented singers tonight but i’m excited for round two of laughs tomorrow night. 
also, i love my cats, which you probably already know. but today, i really love them because they killed yet another bug for me. i spotted this particular bug up near the ceiling earlier in the night and forgot about it until i saw the little nuggets playing with it [read: murdering it]
the bug killing brigade [aka: the bkb], for which, i am oh so very grateful.
i can sleep well at night knowing that i have no blood on my hands.

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  1. lurve the merk-erver

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    😀 Funny. Nice makeover….easier for an old gal like me to read. 😮

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply

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