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i finally got to do some fall shopping this past weekend (yippeeee!) as you may know, i went home to chicago for a friend’s wedding and a weekend with family. whenever my mom, sister, and i get together we love to shop. i mean really love to shop. we usually head out to the outlet malls and spend about half a day walking around looking for good deals and new additions to our closets. this past weekend, we avoided the outlet mall, seeing as there were about 7.345 million people there because of the labor day weekend sales. we shopped around near our house and in some neighboring towns. our first stop was at a store called “hot mama”. [important note: their website is http://www.shopmama.com/. NOT www.hotmama.com…that could be awkward.] it’s a relatively new store and it is awesome. when we walked in, i realized that they had just recently rolled out some of their new fall clothes and accessories. hallelujah! i’ve been so in the mood to shop for fall things but haven’t found very much yet, until that day! so, we spent about 25 minutes in the store and i ended up with a couple things:

this beauty is perfect as a carry-on when traveling

not only is the outside beautiful, check out the inside lining!

this scarf is absolutely beautiful. i’ve already worn it twice!

we continued shopping around that area for awhile and then headed over to a different place to shop. here’s some more of what i found:

i found this beauty at francesca’s (or as my sister and i lovingly refer to it, “frankie’s”). is it a shirt? a dress? who cares…it’s awesome!

how can you not love those stripes and colors for fall?

this is a fall jacket i got at the banana republic outlet. can’t wait to wear it!

and this little piece of heaven was found at ann taylor loft

and these. oh, these shoes. i’ve had my eye on these oxfords from rack room shoes for about three weeks. i finally cracked and bought them. and they’re perfect for fall and for all my just-too-long jeans. yes.

so, there you have it. some new additions to my fall wardrobe. i can barely contain my excitement! now i just have to wait for the weather to realize it’s time for fall!

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