hair envy

lately i’ve been having hair envy somethin’ fierce (uh oh…i think i’ve been living in the south too long). my hair is finally at a medium length, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. i’ve been curling it with a curling iron a lot lately, going for the soft/messy curl look but i’m trying to do some new things with it too, otherwise i will get bored with it and want to chop it all off. also, i’m in desperate need of color, which basically means i want to walk around with a hat all day because my roots are not cute. thankfully, my beautiful and talented sister is doing my hair this friday [and we get to hang out because i don’t have to work, yippppeee!] 
here’s what i’m thinking…
this is the ultimate goal length — i want a long and luscious
ponytail to twirl my fingers in…or just to have

love her color and the softness of the waves.
also diggin’ her bangs. i’m trying to grow mine out

and, of course, the obligatory jen aniston photo. i don’t know of any girl who hasn’t wanted her hair at one time or another
love the color and softness. messy but put together.

i can’t wait to get my hair done on friday!

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