headbands galore

as some of you may know, my sister and i have a little jewelry business that we started last summer. we kind of stumbled into it and now it’s a huge part of our lives. check out our etsy shop here.

on top of making jewels, we like to make hair accessories and other fun stuff. it really only makes sense that we would make hair accessories because my sister is a hairstylist and i, by default, love doing my hair too. it’s kind of hard not to when i was a hair guinea pig at the ripe age of 13. yep, i’ve been highlighting my hair now for 8 years…and i’m only 21. i feel like one of those little munchkins on toddlers & tiaras. ok, back to the good stuff.

i’ve been in a creative mood lately, so i’ve made a ton of new headbands.

wanna see ’em?

ok, fine.

hayley headband
i’m really such a good model. 

caitlin headband

cassidy headband
again, my modeling? epic. 

clarisse headband

annalynne headband
ok, this is getting ridiculous.
please stop telling me how great of  a model i am. 

aubree headband
ok, this is the last one. feel free to scroll back up
to the top and go back through to be amazed again at my skills.

benson headband

 [just for the record, i don’t think i’m a good model, but i’m sure you could tell by the tone of my voice, i mean writing…ok, this is getting awkward.]

just wanted to give you a little sneak peak at what we’re up to over at Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry. You should probably go check out our shop. Oh! and “like” us on facebook for up-to-date info on our latest stuff…like these headbands!

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