i have an idea

so, here’s the deal. i’ve had this idea for a few weeks now and have been thinking it over, weighing the pros and cons, going back and forth. i told my sister about it last night and she had a tiny conniption fit of enthusiasm with her “YES” response. so, i guess that means i’m going to go with the idea. are you ready for it?

. . . .

. . . . [suspense is building]

. . . .

i’m going to start posting a [weekly, hopefully] outfit post! i’m so inspired by all the other bloggers out there who blog about their outfits and where their clothes are from and i want to do it! by no means do i think that i’m highly fashionable or trendy, but i think i have a pretty good eye for what looks good…i am in fashion school, after all.

my sister and i decided we would be each other’s photographers. she’ll photograph my outfits and i’ll photograph her hair for her blog, which is awesome, by the way. you should check it out.

so there it is, my big announcement. i’m hoping to do my first outfit post next week. eeeeek. i’m already looking through my closet trying to figure out what i want to wear!

so, what do you guys think? good idea? [i hope so!]

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Go for it!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply

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