i’m suffering…

from a disease called “perpetual craftinitis”. it’s a rare but serious disease. one in twelve people suffer from it.

you totally believed me, didn’t you? but really, i have this serious problem where anytime i’m not doing a craft, i feel like less of a human and immediately start doing another craft. this time, i had this poor, sad, very blank wall:

see those two little harmless looking alarms…
they are actually satan’s offspring. why? read here.

and a pile of poor, sad, very blank canvi (my plural form of “canvas”)

so, i put my little thinking cap on and came up with a little DIY project that would turn those poor, sad, very blank things into beautiful, incredible, and perfect (not really…at all) things. here’s the process:
1) i stared at my blank wall for about a month, trying to come up with something to do with it.
2) i went up in my attic yesterday and saw my pile of unused canvi that were just begging for a purpose.
(que lightbulb)
3) i went to michael’s [which i go to about as often as i go to target, which i go to about four times a week…it’s just wrong, i know]
4) i found these wooden letters:

and these two beautiful colors of spray paint:

satin meringue and classic grey [gloss]

5) i came home, and this happened:

i went outside and spray painted the canvi with the classic grey. i used two coats to make sure that they were covered on all sides. and remember, always spray paint in a well-ventilated area…i do not want to be responsible for any hallucinations.

paint and let dry at least one hour before handling.
i let them sit overnight before i attached the letters.

then i painted the letters: 
same procedure as the canvi, easy peezy.
then i figured out the placement on the canvi [has anybody else gotten sick of my overuse of this not-actually-a-word word?], and decided on this:
for those of you who are wondering, this is a reference
to one of my favorite verses, micah 6:8.
simple and to the point, that’s how i like it.
so i settled on this placement, and proceeded to simply hot glue the letters to the canvi [there’s that darn word again]. don’t use too much glue, otherwise it will look like your letters are crying…or sweating. not a good look. 
i let the glue dry and here’s the final product:
i apologize for the atrocious lighting. i took this photo at 8pm
so the only natural light around was the moon and, well, it just wasn’t cuttin’ it.
i’d say my wall looks a little bit better now. and how cute are those flowers?! they’re made from napkins. yep, i said napkins. another easy project!
i’m happy to say that my perpetual crafitinitis symptoms have subsided for the moment but i know it won’t last long. 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    So funny. Love the 'canvi'!! 🙂
    Could your condition; craftinitis be genetic??

    Posted 9.12.11 Reply
  2. it must be! we all have it!

    Posted 9.13.11 Reply
  3. Renee wrote:

    Do you have a tutorial on how you made the fantastic napkin flowers? They are sooo cute! I must have some!!

    Posted 11.9.11 Reply
  4. { lauren } wrote:

    Renee – i don't have one yet, but have been meaning to do it! you've motivated me! i'll do it this weekend and share it with you! thanks 🙂

    Posted 11.9.11 Reply
  5. Renee wrote:

    Awesome!! Can't wait :0)

    Posted 11.10.11 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    love this! that verse was in a devotional i did just last week– so ironic. I'm also decorating an apartment on the cheap, thanks for sharing!

    Posted 11.25.11 Reply
  7. What a great verse, and your canvi look great on the wall! May have to steal! Thanks.

    Posted 12.3.11 Reply
  8. I think i might use that "disease" as an excuse to give my hubby! haha LOVE it. And I like your canvi… and the word! hehe!

    Ok but seriously LOVE these, LOVE the verse and the way you placed the words on the canvi (seriously gonna steal the word from you now). Brilliant. Totally pinned this, cause I need to make some of these for my craft room. ♥

    Much Love,

    Posted 7.3.12 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Lauren! I love your blog. Actually, I follow both yours and your sister's. I love those wall canvases, and I LOVE those napkin flowers next to them! Any chance that you'll post a how-to on those? I would be so grateful! My husband and I are going to be redecorating our bedroom soon. Grey walls with one navy blue accent wall, and the bedding that we bought is grey with yellow flowers. Those napkin flowers would look adorable! Thanks ~ Katy in Buffalo, NY

    Posted 7.6.12 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      Just saw your flower tutorial. I'm such an idiot! Thanks ~ Katy

      Posted 7.6.12 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    I love this! Will definitely be trying that. That's also one of my favorite verses. 🙂

    Posted 9.4.12 Reply

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