my cats hate school

being the incredibly diligent student that i am (those of you who know me are thinking, "yeah right") i decided to leave my exam studying for the night before. ahhh, yes. the thought that if i cram it all in the day before i need to know it, it will work. actually, it did kind of work. i say kind of because we were allowed to have an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper filled with anything and everything we wanted. so i didn't really need to study all that much. i don't think my handwriting had ever been smaller than when i was filling that sucker up. but really, it was my second exam of the week (i hate how that happens in college) and i just was not into it. i sat down at my desk the other night and began some review and looked to my right and this is what i saw:

milo: school is boring.
otis: i'm going to screaaaaaam if you talk about school one more time.
(they were in a heated argument about it)

it's really hard to concentrate when those little nuggets are just sitting there trying to steal my attention. otis won, by the way.

who knew cats could bring so much joy to a person's life? oh, that's right, i did! that's why i adopted two as soon as i had my own place [literally within days of moving to north carolina]


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