something like this

that is the name of ben rector’s latest album, which just so happened to be released TODAY! i didn’t even know he was coming out with a new album until yesterday when i saw it on my news feed on facebook. i was so excited. i’m a huge fan of his music, and let me tell you, this new album did not disappoint. i already have a favorite song, well actually two: hide away and without you. although, honestly, they’re all great. it’s rare for me to find an artist where i like every single song on their album(s). ben is just one of those guys…and i love him for it! no matter what my mood, he’s a definite go-to in my itunes library. if you haven’t checked him out, i highly recommend it. i mean, come on, can’t you tell that i love him already?!

here’s his new album cover: 

and i highly recommend his others too:

AND his album is currently #4 on itunes!
are you convinced that you need his album yet?

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  1. I love Benny!

    Posted 9.13.11 Reply

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