plaid & ponchos

...but not a plaid poncho. that would be a little over the top. in honor of real fall weather [we're talking 45 degree mornings], i thought i'd throw on some typical fall plaid and a new oatmeal colored poncho from target. oh, and that plaid top is from walmart. and i think it was $8. holla. 

layers are good. but you want to make sure that one of the layers shows your waist. notice the fit of the top part of the plaid can tell that it fits me! [it actually ties in the back, but you can't see it with the poncho on] when i added the poncho, i didn't need to belt it because the top underneath is fitted enough so that this outfit doesn't add an extra 20 pounds, which is what can happen if you have a loose shirt and a poncho on! no bueno, chicas!

plaid top: walmart, purchased circa 2008 : )
poncho: target, fall 2011 
denim: gap, spring 2011
shoes: rack room shoes, fall 2011

also, i love hoods. on anything. so, naturally, i love it on this poncho too.

**ponchos can be hard to wear without looking like you recently lost 200 pounds and your clothes don't fit...i have a great tip for how to belt a poncho, which will be the topic of my outfit post in a few weeks!



it's kind of hard for me to believe that halloween hasn't even officially happened yet because i celebrated last weekend! my sister, her husband, and i hosted a little halloween party at their house last saturday. my sister did an awesome job at decking her house out for the really put everyone in the spirit! also, a big thumbs up to my brother-in-law for tin-foiling every single window in their downstairs. every single window. tin foiled. yes, he covered every single window with tin foil. it was pitch black in the house at 3 o clock in the afternoon! he's an engineer and a bit of a it took him a good hour or so to do this. he also decorated the outside door and the mailbox. my sister picked a real winner. 

we all gathered at their house for halloween treats and then headed out to a local corn maze. they also had some scary houses and a haunted hayride there...which was scary and hilarious. i sat next to my sister on the hayride and have never heard her scream so loud in her life. according to some of our friends that were with us, we were more entertaining to watch than the actual hayride. i wish we had a video. 

scariest little demon seed

"witch brains" on the left, "bone marrow bites" on the right 
another scary demon seed on the table

skeleton cupcakes
meet nancy. she hangs from the fan and flies around the room like a real creep.

that's steve the skeleton on the left, scary skull lights that play the music from "halloween" and homemade bats out of paper
skeleton row

it was one of justin's [my brother-in-law] friend's birthday that
day so I made him a special birthday cupcake


fancy mailbox.

 the party was a success and everyone had a lot of fun. as we were driving home from the corn maze, i realized just how bizarre it is that i paid to have the crap scared out of me. oh, the things we do for entertainment.

i'm looking forward to see all the little nuggets dressed up for halloween while passing out candy next week. and i'm trying to talk my sister into watching one of the real "Halloween" movies with me this weekend. it just wouldn't be right to not watch a scary movie this time of year. maybe i'll trick her and tell her we're watching "Bridesmaids" or something...wait, she'll probably read this. 


that's right, people. things are about to change around here. don't worry, nothing too crazy. 

i'm going to be adding an actual blogger template to my blog, so it looks all pretty and not so boring! yippee! i'm really excited about the new look, hope you will love it too!

also, i'm changing the name. eeeeek. why, you ask? well, when i first started this blog, i didn't really have any intention of falling in love with blogging and wanting to keep it for any sort of length of time. i thought it would be just another blog that i started and gave up on after a few weeks so i didn't put a whole lot of thought into the name. turns out, i kinda love blogging. so, i want a name of a blog that's unique and true to me. so, that's why it's changin'. but i'm not telling you the new name just yet. you'll have to wait and see once my new design is active! sneaky, sneaky.

also, for now, i will still have the same web address, but am looking into changing that as well. gosh, are you annoyed yet? so many changes. but, they're all good! and exciting!

i'll let you all know the new web address as soon as i have it, but hopefully you won't have any trouble getting to it!


so...yeah. things are changin'!

an afternoon with my sista

one of the many great things about living in the same city as my sister is being able to have random hangouts during the day. 

on tuesday, i had about a four hour break between classes, so my sister and i decided to do a little shopping and get some lunch. we'd been wanting to check out furbish studio, which is a great little studio with home furnishings, design inspiration, and fun little things to buy. 

here's the outside of the studio. if you live in raleigh, you should check it out!

i got this great bowl there:

i'm not usually big into animal prints, but this caught my eye!

then we headed over to mellow mushroom for a little lunch:

yum. my mouth waters just looking at this.
and then it was off to cameron village for a little shopping. we stopped in francesca's [seriously, what else is new?] and my sister got a bag that she's been eyeing for some months now...and it was marked way down and they took an additional 20% off. it was a good day for her. i found, correction, my sister found some great earrings...but being the self-sacrificing, loving sister that she is, she let me buy them. and then she'll borrow them [read: kidnap them and probably play dumb about her criminal actions]

these are real beauties, right?

moral of the story? tuesday was a good day. 

top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

tea tins turned fridge magnets, pinned here.

love the aztec print, pinned here.

breakdancing kitties, pinned here.

LOVING this color, pinned here.

love everything about these, pinned here.

chalkboard paint on the fridge...perfect. pinned here.

drawer turned into shelf, pinned here.

nachos, yum. pinned here.

beautiful floral arrangement, pinned here.

mint, lace & leather. pinned here.

homemade chex mix

it's easy as pie....errrr...chex mix. 

and, it's one of my favorite fall treats. 

did i mention how easy it is? and how good it tastes?

homemade chex mix

sesame sticks
[or whatever you want!*]

1/2 cup butter
4 1/2 tsp worcestershire sauce
1 1/4 tsp seasoned salt

1. mix about 8-9 cups of goodies together in a large bowl
2. melt butter in microwave or on stove.
3. add worcestershire sauce and seasoned salt to butter and stir.
4. pour sauce over all of your goodies and stir well.
5. pour into shallow baking pan.
6. bake for 1 hour at 250 degrees, stirring every 20 minutes.
7. take it out and eat it all. well, no, save some for other people. but it will be hard to not scarf it all down.

*you can add anything you want to it. other ideas: walnuts, cheese-its, cheerios.
**if you want to double the amount of goodies, just double the amount of sauce!

layers are my friend

i love layers. any season. any weather. don't matter...gimme layers. seriously, even in the boiling hot summers here in north carolina i rarely have just one layer on. it's weird and unnatural but it's who i am. ok, not really, but i've been layering my clothes since about 2001, so i'm kinda stuck in my ways. 

it's getting chilly here in these fall layers are in full effect. 

i started with this new dress from francesca's. i went there the other day [what else is new?] and they were having a sale: buy one, get one dress 50% off. how could i not? plus, there's nothing more comfortable than a knit dress and leggings in the fall. dream of dreams to wear that everyday. and now i have two more dresses to add to my fall arsenal. 

dress: francesca's
leggings: h & m
boots: wet seal
earrings: elisabeth ashlie jewelry

it was a little chilly outside, so i decided to add this scarf. and, bonus...i'm wearing stripes with stripes! eeeek! it can be done!

scarf: gap outlet 

and finally, i added my fall jacket because, well, i love it and it was cold. 

jacket: banana republic outlet 

layers can be your friend, too. i'll share. 

5 things to do while it's still fall

i don't know about you guys but i always feel like fall goes by so quickly every year. maybe it's because it's my favorite season so it never seems to last long enough or maybe because my life seems to get absolutely ca-razay during the fall, but i already feel like time is running out! i want to make the most of the rest of the season that is left, and if you do too, here's some ideas of fun things to do!

1. go apple picking. 
i realize that apple season is over, but i didn't get to go apple picking this year and was totally bummed about it. although, i did get to eat some apples that my mom picked back home in illinois and they were delish. there's nothing like a fresh picked apple to make you feel in the fall spirit.

2. make homemade chex mix.
my favorite chex mix includes: crispex cereal, pretzels, goldfish, sesame sticks, and peanuts. the best thing about chex mix is that is can totally be changed to what you like! [if you'd like the recipe, i'll be doing a post with it soon!] so easy, and so good to eat.

3. decorate your house for fall.
homemade pinecone garland

easy diy centerpiece with fresh pinecones and other things i had around the house!

4. decorate for halloween.
meet steve. he loves hamburgers and riding in the cart like a child. 
my sister and i are hosting a halloween party this weekend at her house so we went to Michael's to buy some decorations yesterday. most of them were 60% off because halloween is so soon, so i guess now's the time to buy your decor if you haven't already! 

5. go to a corn maze with your friends! 
we're going to this corn maze this saturday...can't wait! corn mazes are the best, especially when you make it a little more interesting by making it a race between your friends. 

so there you have it, five fun things to do while it's still fall. before we know it, we're going to be pulling out the christmas decorations and listening to christmas music...which i am SO excited for! 

carrots and street bikers

i discovered two new things about myself the other day. let me first preface this by saying that i was driving home from work after a 5 hour floor shift and teaching a 3 hour class so, needless to say, i was kind of exhausted. 

the first new discovery i had: carrots without dip are not worth eating. some of you are probably cringing at the fact that i would ruin such a healthy snack with dip, but after my non-dip-carrot-eating experience, i would suggest that i actually saved a healthy snack...from never being eaten by me. however, i was so hungry that it wasn't until about the seventh plain carrot that i realized how bad they tasted to me. i decided to wait until i was home to eat something.

the second thing i realized, which i kinda already knew, is that one of the most frustrating things is when a person is riding their bike and they are pretending that they are driving a vehicle...worse than that? being stuck behind them. and then having that weird interaction where you try to communicate with each other about driving around them without running them over but they're speeding up so they don't get run's awkward and kinda annoying. i apologize if you are one of these people or you know one of these people...not because i may have offended you but because you are one of these people or know one of these people. i kid, i kid. but really, i think bicycles should be reserved for the sidewalk. or those weird bike lanes on some roads.

in other news, how freaking cute is this?

my little bandit. 
the cats love it, i mean loveee it when i change the sheets on the bed. i don't know what they think is going on but i know that they think it's the best thing in the world.

top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

great fall outfit, pinned here.
very weird, but very true. pinned here. 

great idea for fall/winter decor. pinned here.

J. Crew Mona Leather Pumps in Pale Peacock, pinned here.
simple, yet true. and great diy project. pinned here.

hahahaha, pinned here.

trampoline re-purpose, seriously genius. pinned here.

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cookie dough ice cream pizza...yum! pinned here.

 beautiful blues and greys, pinned here.