i don't know about you guys but i always feel like fall goes by so quickly every year. maybe it's because it's my favorite season so it never seems to last long enough or maybe because my life seems to get absolutely ca-razay during the fall, but i already feel like time is running out! i want to make the most of the rest of the season that is left, and if you do too, here's some ideas of fun things to do!

1. go apple picking. 
i realize that apple season is over, but i didn't get to go apple picking this year and was totally bummed about it. although, i did get to eat some apples that my mom picked back home in illinois and they were delish. there's nothing like a fresh picked apple to make you feel in the fall spirit.

2. make homemade chex mix.
my favorite chex mix includes: crispex cereal, pretzels, goldfish, sesame sticks, and peanuts. the best thing about chex mix is that is can totally be changed to what you like! [if you'd like the recipe, i'll be doing a post with it soon!] so easy, and so good to eat.

3. decorate your house for fall.
homemade pinecone garland

easy diy centerpiece with fresh pinecones and other things i had around the house!

4. decorate for halloween.
meet steve. he loves hamburgers and riding in the cart like a child. 
my sister and i are hosting a halloween party this weekend at her house so we went to Michael's to buy some decorations yesterday. most of them were 60% off because halloween is so soon, so i guess now's the time to buy your decor if you haven't already! 

5. go to a corn maze with your friends! 
we're going to this corn maze this saturday...can't wait! corn mazes are the best, especially when you make it a little more interesting by making it a race between your friends. 

so there you have it, five fun things to do while it's still fall. before we know it, we're going to be pulling out the christmas decorations and listening to christmas music...which i am SO excited for!