an afternoon with my sista

one of the many great things about living in the same city as my sister is being able to have random hangouts during the day. 

on tuesday, i had about a four hour break between classes, so my sister and i decided to do a little shopping and get some lunch. we'd been wanting to check out furbish studio, which is a great little studio with home furnishings, design inspiration, and fun little things to buy. 

here's the outside of the studio. if you live in raleigh, you should check it out!

i got this great bowl there:

i'm not usually big into animal prints, but this caught my eye!

then we headed over to mellow mushroom for a little lunch:

yum. my mouth waters just looking at this.
and then it was off to cameron village for a little shopping. we stopped in francesca's [seriously, what else is new?] and my sister got a bag that she's been eyeing for some months now...and it was marked way down and they took an additional 20% off. it was a good day for her. i found, correction, my sister found some great earrings...but being the self-sacrificing, loving sister that she is, she let me buy them. and then she'll borrow them [read: kidnap them and probably play dumb about her criminal actions]

these are real beauties, right?

moral of the story? tuesday was a good day. 


  1. Sounds like a fun day!...Those earrings are very similar to some I found on Pinterest. I tagged you, Kate, to see them.. but those you found are just as gorgeous!

  2. I've seen you post numerous times about the awesome deals and cute things that you and your sister always find at Francesca's so I decided to finally look it up to see it for myself and come to find out there will be one coming to the mall near my house soon!!! I'm so excited to check it out :)


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