that's right, people. things are about to change around here. don't worry, nothing too crazy. 

i'm going to be adding an actual blogger template to my blog, so it looks all pretty and not so boring! yippee! i'm really excited about the new look, hope you will love it too!

also, i'm changing the name. eeeeek. why, you ask? well, when i first started this blog, i didn't really have any intention of falling in love with blogging and wanting to keep it for any sort of length of time. i thought it would be just another blog that i started and gave up on after a few weeks so i didn't put a whole lot of thought into the name. turns out, i kinda love blogging. so, i want a name of a blog that's unique and true to me. so, that's why it's changin'. but i'm not telling you the new name just yet. you'll have to wait and see once my new design is active! sneaky, sneaky.

also, for now, i will still have the same web address, but am looking into changing that as well. gosh, are you annoyed yet? so many changes. but, they're all good! and exciting!

i'll let you all know the new web address as soon as i have it, but hopefully you won't have any trouble getting to it!


so...yeah. things are changin'!