it's kind of hard for me to believe that halloween hasn't even officially happened yet because i celebrated last weekend! my sister, her husband, and i hosted a little halloween party at their house last saturday. my sister did an awesome job at decking her house out for the really put everyone in the spirit! also, a big thumbs up to my brother-in-law for tin-foiling every single window in their downstairs. every single window. tin foiled. yes, he covered every single window with tin foil. it was pitch black in the house at 3 o clock in the afternoon! he's an engineer and a bit of a it took him a good hour or so to do this. he also decorated the outside door and the mailbox. my sister picked a real winner. 

we all gathered at their house for halloween treats and then headed out to a local corn maze. they also had some scary houses and a haunted hayride there...which was scary and hilarious. i sat next to my sister on the hayride and have never heard her scream so loud in her life. according to some of our friends that were with us, we were more entertaining to watch than the actual hayride. i wish we had a video. 

scariest little demon seed

"witch brains" on the left, "bone marrow bites" on the right 
another scary demon seed on the table

skeleton cupcakes
meet nancy. she hangs from the fan and flies around the room like a real creep.

that's steve the skeleton on the left, scary skull lights that play the music from "halloween" and homemade bats out of paper
skeleton row

it was one of justin's [my brother-in-law] friend's birthday that
day so I made him a special birthday cupcake


fancy mailbox.

 the party was a success and everyone had a lot of fun. as we were driving home from the corn maze, i realized just how bizarre it is that i paid to have the crap scared out of me. oh, the things we do for entertainment.

i'm looking forward to see all the little nuggets dressed up for halloween while passing out candy next week. and i'm trying to talk my sister into watching one of the real "Halloween" movies with me this weekend. it just wouldn't be right to not watch a scary movie this time of year. maybe i'll trick her and tell her we're watching "Bridesmaids" or something...wait, she'll probably read this.