layers are my friend

i love layers. any season. any weather. don't matter...gimme layers. seriously, even in the boiling hot summers here in north carolina i rarely have just one layer on. it's weird and unnatural but it's who i am. ok, not really, but i've been layering my clothes since about 2001, so i'm kinda stuck in my ways. 

it's getting chilly here in these fall layers are in full effect. 

i started with this new dress from francesca's. i went there the other day [what else is new?] and they were having a sale: buy one, get one dress 50% off. how could i not? plus, there's nothing more comfortable than a knit dress and leggings in the fall. dream of dreams to wear that everyday. and now i have two more dresses to add to my fall arsenal. 

dress: francesca's
leggings: h & m
boots: wet seal
earrings: elisabeth ashlie jewelry

it was a little chilly outside, so i decided to add this scarf. and, bonus...i'm wearing stripes with stripes! eeeek! it can be done!

scarf: gap outlet 

and finally, i added my fall jacket because, well, i love it and it was cold. 

jacket: banana republic outlet 

layers can be your friend, too. i'll share. 


  1. Cute! I love how you did this in kind of a step by step thing. Most outfit of the days posts are everything all at once!

    Great choices by the way! I've never shopped at Francesca's, I might have to start LOL

  2. I'm such a layers lover. So glad it's fall!

    PS- real cute outfit :)

  3. love it! Great pairing skills!

  4. amber - thanks! and you should definitely check out francesca''s one of my faves!

    suze - me too! thanks for reading :)

    aly - thanks!!

    lauren - i know, aren't they great?! i try to not wear them everyday, but sometimes i just can't resist!

  5. Cute! I've really got to start wearing leggings/tights. I absolutely hate tights.. maybe its cause I hate something so tight on my legs, but regardless I love the look! BTW--i've never heard of Francesca's either.

  6. super cute...what's your take on sweaters that hang lower than the dress? is that a "fashion do not"?

  7. kelly - i don't know that it's necessarily a fashion don't but i do try to avoid it. mostly because it just looks a little strange from behind and can sometimes look more like a robe than a sweater. if it's slightly longer, i'd say go for it. but, if there's a significant difference in length, maybe try to find a different sweater! but, honestly, fashion is subjective sometimes. if you like it, you wear it! that's the philosophy i try to keep when getting dressed in the morning!


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