a morning in savannah

so i'm back from my long weekend in south carolina...unfortunately. i had a great time with my mom and enjoyed having a weekend off to just relax and make jewels...which is pretty much all we did! my mom finally got da fever for makin' jewels and she was hooked! she stayed up until 1 am one night making jewelry by herself! she's pretty talented too:

someone already purchased this one from our etsy shop!

and she decided to keep this set for herself...she deserves it, i guess ;)

 we also went to the outlet mall, which was kind of a huge bummer because we couldn't find much of anything that was worth buying. mostly, we just wanted to make jewels and eat food...which we did!

on sunday morning we decided to drive into savannah, GA, which is about 30 minutes away, to go to church. a good friend of  mine that i met at wheaton college [the school i transferred from] has a dad who is the minister at this church in savannah and he always talks about how great his church is. well...he always talks about how great the south is [he's a true southerner, through and through] and the church usually seemed to work it's way into the conversation. anyways, we went here sunday morning:
beautiful, right?
it was good to catch up with an old friend and he finally makes a little bit more sense to me...which seems to always be how it goes once you see where a person is from.

after church, we were advised by my friend and his mom to check out a little cafe downtown savannah a few blocks from church. we headed over and had a great lunch in one of the coolest place i've eaten. it's called Soho South Cafe, and if you're ever in savannah, you have to check it out. great food, great service, and really cool environment. it's basically a restaurant inside an art gallery. everything is reclaimed or recycled furniture and they have really cool art all over.

after a delicious lunch, we headed back to our cottage, where i packed and hit the road home.

i was greeted by the cutest little greeting committee...i think they're glad to have me back.


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! We are going to visit Savannah in December for 2 days. That cafe is going on my list of things to do while there!!!

  2. Sounded like a great weekend! I found your blog from your sister's blog! Love it! Do you do initial necklaces?

  3. Angie - let me know what you think of it! enjoy your time there :)

    Michelle - thanks! depending on what kind of necklace you're looking for, we could probably help you out! just visit our etsy shop and send us a message :)

  4. It was a fun few days! I loved it and love you! ;)

  5. it was, doods! love you too! looking forward to thanksgiving down there :)

  6. I can't believe you were at Wheaton! We lived about half an hour from there for five years.


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