top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

great fall outfit, pinned here.
very weird, but very true. pinned here. 

great idea for fall/winter decor. pinned here.

J. Crew Mona Leather Pumps in Pale Peacock, pinned here.
simple, yet true. and great diy project. pinned here.

hahahaha, pinned here.

trampoline re-purpose, seriously genius. pinned here.

seriously beautiful, pinned here.

cookie dough ice cream pizza...yum! pinned here.

 beautiful blues and greys, pinned here.


  1. I've pinned some of the same things this week!
    I love Pinterest!

  2. Must make the cookie dough pizza. Are you kidding me with that?! I want it now!

  3. I love the watch....can't make out who it's by...can you?

  4. jo - i love pinterest fun!

    jodie noted - i know, can you believe it. like seriously, how do things like that exist in this world?! i'm dying to try it!

    deb - it's michael kors! i love it too!


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