top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:
i die for this outfit, pinned here.

genious idea for light switch covers, pinned here.

this makes me think of my sister's cats, pinned here.

love these from anthro, pinned here.

simple but hard to do sometimes, pinned here.
love chic, pinned here.

this made me laugh out loud, pinned here.
so cute, pinned here.

love the color palette, pinned here.

love this for a centerpiece, pinned here.

what's your favorite?

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e-licious giveaway *now closed*

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that's right, i have another giveaway for you! 

and this one is awesome. 

Jenna, over at newlyweds blog contacted me about doing a giveaway for her great e-cookbook, the e-licious e-cookbook.

check out those photos...and that lava cake. oh man. i need to make that.

i looked through the cookbook, and i'm telling you, there's some great looking stuff in there. simple but still so delicious. that's the best.

here's what Jenna says you'll find in her cookbook:
·         Over 45 delicious recipes with easy to find ingredients.
·         10 sections like: Weeknight Meals, Crock-pot meals, Date Night, Backyard Barbecue and more.
·         Recipes like Strawberry Spongecake, Chicken Divan,  Shrimp stir-fry and more that your family and friends will love.
·         Even more recipes using my most popular recipe Sticky Chicken.

so, here's the deal. Jenna wants to offer one of you a free copy of the e-licious e-cookbook! don't you love when things are free? especially when they're cool things?

here's how to enter:
1. leave a comment here with one of your favorite dishes to make
2. like newlyweds blog on facebook
3. follow newlyweds blog via email or rss

looking for extra entries? (i don't blame you!):
1. become a follower of my blog
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with EVERY entry that you do, please please include your email address so i can contact you if you're the lucky winner. 

also, Jenna's offering a 20% off discount for FMGD readers. just use the coupon code ELICIOUS20 when checking out. you can buy the e-cookbook here!

for today only, Jenna wants to offer you all her cookbook for just 99 cents! use coupon code CYBER99!

giveaway is open from now until Tuesday, December 6th at 12pm EST!

get to entering!


my sister, her hubs, and i made the 5 hour trip back to rals yesterday afternoon. but that was only after a good hour of packing, unpacking, re-arranging, and re-packing the car. a few times. we had a TON of stuff in that wagon. 

can you tell how pleased i am to be stuffed among the bags?

the ride was fun...lots of "what are you thinking about right now" questions, singing to the rent soundtrack and biebs, and weird personality quizzes. 

when we finally pulled in my driveway, i don't know if i was more excited to see the little nuggets or get out of that packed car. probably a little bit of both.

i walked in my house and saw chaos.

i'm pretty sure milo & otis go absolutely buck wild when i'm not home for more than a day. and i'm pretty sure that our friend who came to check on them everyday was just as surprised as i was to see the mess that they made. 

they knocked a spice rack onto the stove. thankfully, it was not full of spices.

they opened this drawer and bag that was tied shut, snatched the rolls of yarn out and trailed them all around the house

see...yarn. and notice the christmas ornaments on the floor.

 the tree skirt was all crazy and there were three ornaments on the floor. which, were all on the top half of the tree because they took the lower ones off the first night i put up my tree. 

and when i went upstairs, i saw that they wreaked some havoc up there too.

i gotta say, their extra-snuggly selves this morning kinda made up for the mess that they made. i sure missed them. 

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exciting news!

i have some exciting news to share...

you ready?

i think you are.

From My Grey Desk officially has a facebook fan page AND twitter! yeeeee!

you can find the facebook fan page here.

and the twitter account here.

it's a great way to stay up-to-date with blog news as well as little nuggets of news or funny things that i maybe won't share on the blog! 

this is how excited i am:

except i'm not a tiny child...or a boy. but you get the picture.

so, join in the fun! become a fan and follow!


a peek into how i spent thanksgiving day:

that's my mom! working hard making dinner.

me and my sista

working hard on etsy stuff!

pretty typical, sister and BIL

the best rolls you will ever eat. the recipe is from my grandma on my dad's side. my mouth waters just looking at this photo.

this is where the magic happened. and where i almost fell asleep after eating a huge meal.

thankful for another thanksgiving with the people i love and good food on my plate!

giveaway winner

congrats to Ashley for winning my Elisabeth Ashlie Giveaway!

Ashley said...
I'm loving the hair accessories.....especially the Jenny headband. So pretty! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving!

thanks to all who participated! 

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High Five for Friday

hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving! i know i did!

back to regular life now...sad, isn't it?

my five fave things from this week:

1. how does this happen?

2. duke beating kansas and winning the maui invitational. my BIL and i stayed up to watch the game and it was so worth it.

3. the best hot chocolate you will ever have, from the new keurig my sister got. 

4. the sale at j crew outlet that allowed me to get this for $15

5. OPI lincoln park after dark nail color. love this right now.

so, that's it folks. another high five for friday on the books. 

be sure to check out lauren's high for five friday over at pursuing dreams!

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give thanks.

happy thanksgiving, lovely readers!

doing a lot of this today - sipping hot chocolate and making yummy things

five things i'm most thankful for today:

1. god's grace. and his love

2. being able to spend this holiday with my family, except my brother! wish he was here with us!

3. my best friend.
that's her on the left! isn't she a beauty?

4. of course, my two best boys - milo & otis
i miss these nuggets while i'm away from them!

5. and, obviously, my sister. not really much else i can say, other than i don't know what i'd do without her.

what are you thankful for today?

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top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

diy fabric ornaments, pinned here.

great dress from top shop, pinned here.

diy bathroom storage from flower pots, pinned here.

i'd live in this house, pinned here.

mashed potato rings that look oh so good, pinned here.

table runner made from book pages, pinned here.

sparkles & chambray, pinned here.

great light fixtures, pinned here.

cutie little baby, pinned here.
movie pit, pinned here.

happy thanksgiving eve!

can you believe tomorrow is thanksgiving? i can hardly contain my excitement. i just hope i'll be able to button my pants on friday morning. 

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Elisabeth Ashlie Giveaway!

**giveaway now closed!**

eeeeeek. i've hit the 400 followers mark. 


in honor of all you lovely readers, i'm hosting a little Elisabeth Ashlie giveaway!

what's up for grabs?

these lovely earrings:

even if you're not a pearl person, these would be great to give as a gift!

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- leave a separate comment for each entry you do
- remember to include your e-mail address so i can contact you if you win!

- the giveaway ends on 11/25 at 1:00pm EST
- giveaway only valid for U.S. residents

in other big news, my sister and i are having a black friday sale in our etsy shop. we'll be announcing the details of our sale via our facebook page on Thursday! 

meet marcel, round two

happy tuesday, folks! 

today marks the beginning of thanksgiving break...holla! heading down to SC with my sister and BIL tonight. i'm sure my sis and i will be quoting marcel most of the 5 hour drive. 

saltine toffee

i found this recipe on pinterest, looked at the photo, and knew that i had to make it. it just to happened that i had a reason to make it too...a small group thanksgiving potluck that i'm going to tonight! can't wait to share this with the girls.

oh, and this recipe will change your life

saltine toffee
1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
40 saltines


1. preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. line a baking sheet with tin foil and spray with non-stick spray.

3. cover entire pan with saltines (approximately 40), creating a layer of crackers.

4. melt butter and brown sugar in saucepan over medium heat.

5. bring that to a boil and then simmer over low heat for 6-8 minutes, until mixture becomes thicker.

6. pour butter/brown sugar on top of crackers. spread so that each cracker is evenly coated.

7. pop the pan in the oven for 5-7 minutes, until toffee is bubbly and delicious looking.

8. let cool for 2-3 minutes.

9. sprinkle chips on top. (if the toffee is still warm enough, the chips will begin to melt on their own. i wanted to speed up the process, so i popped the pan back in the oven for about two minutes. the oven was still warm enough the get the chips nice and soft for easy spreading)

10. spread the chocolate into a nice layer on top of the toffee.
11. stare at the beautiful creation in front of you. just kidding, that step goes without saying.
12. let cool, on countertop or in refrigerator. 
13. break apart and eat it all. i mean, save it for your event. but make sure you taste it. actually, you may end up eating the whole thing if you do. it's your choice.

 i mean, really. how can you not want to eat ALL of that? it's so delicious. and super easy.

perfect recipe for the holiday's!