high five for friday

today marks the beginning of an exciting and [hopefully] awesome new weekly post. my friend lauren, over at pursuing dreams, had this great idea to do a post about our five favorite things from the past week. i, of course, am all about that. 

lauren and i actually met through my blog, she won my first giveaway! we started exchanging emails and became fast friends...i wish i could tell you that we actually hang out, but living on opposite sides of the country makes that a little difficult. nonetheless, i'm excited about our new friendship and about teaming up with her for this new weekly fun! 

without further adieu, i give you all my first high five for friday:

1. my new christmas garland from target for $4 that now hangs above my bed.

i apologize for the unmade bed...but i much prefer it to a made bed.

2. neosporin lip health - overnight renewal therapy.
i'm telling you, this stuff is heaven in a tiny plastic container. i put it on my lips every night before bed and i wake up with soft and moisturized lips. what more could you ask for?

3. the fact that the RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) was extra dramatic this week. yes, i do watch that show. yes, i am absolutely fascinated by these women and the fact that they think they lead normal lives.

4. otis' extra snuggly ways lately. he sure knows how to warm my knees right up!

5. discovering a new coffee shop downtown that serves waffles. and coffee. waffles. coffee. if you need me, you can find me there.

my sister and i split this one with strawberries and whipped cream. i'm drooling.

so there you have it, five of my favorite things from this past week. looking for more high five for friday fun? head on over to lauren's blog to read about her five favorite things this week!

happy friday, everyone!


  1. The waffle looks amazing, I def. need that neosporin for my severly cracked lips for some crazy reason.. I never get major chapped lips, & I have that same iron tree that's above your night stand. :)

  2. Great post.....but you didn't make your bed!!
    Love, your Mother!

  3. I think this is an awesome idea! In fact after reading this post, I immediately made my own high five list. What a great thing to be able to look at and remember happy moments on a "blue" day

  4. Oh, I love your room! Even your unmade bed. It looks so cozy and inviting!

  5. jackie - thanks! glad to hear that you're joining in the fun!

    life & times - thanks, girl! love that : )

    the so-called wife - thank you! i love my room too!

  6. Came across your blog and really enjoy it. Your comment about how you watch the Real Housewives because they think they lead real lives cracks me up. I don't watch that show but when I do watch such reality TV, it's for the same reason!


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