i just got back from a very relaxing weekend at home in illinois. my mom and i shopped, ate, decorated for christmas, and saw a movie. it was a great weekend!

my parents' home is absolutely beautiful. my mom has always been an incredible decorator and very creative, so it's only natural that she's made our home beautiful. she even did a guest post on my blog with some decorating tips. 

awesome wine bar from pottery barn
i've already got dibbs on this sucker once my parents are done with it!
lanterns as a centerpiece
great bookshelf with all sorts of goodies
see the spray painted chain on the left...
that's a great way to create a new look with an old chair!
living room 

bedroom #1
old window/door on the right with a picture hanging on it
antique bench with re-covered cushion
parent's room

love their bedspread
bedroom #2 - antique door in the corner
bedroom #3
keys from our old cottage framed
love this suitcase table
seriously, how amazing is this?
mantle decor
easy table centerpiece - wooden letters in a basket

being in my parent's house is basically like living inside of a pottery barn store, and i ain't complaining about that!