my sister, over at The Small Things Blog, has kinda hit the big time. well, she did awhile ago...her hair is all over pinterest. and she had her first "stranger-recognized-me" experience yesterday, which means she's legit.

anyways, she asked me to be a hair model for her for a little talk she was giving at the tuesday night women's group she attends at our church. being the great sister that i am, i obliged. although, i wouldn't say i'm great in front of groups. fortunately, i only had to say a few things so it wasn't too bad. 

that's my sister on the left, which means i'm on the right. pardon the horrendous dark roots action happening on my head. it's actually embarrassing. don't worry, i'm getting my hair colored on thursday.

that's a photo of us in action (i was her microphone holder while she did another girl's hair...if there's one job in the world that's slightly uncomfortable, it would be the microphone holder job) taken from our friend allyson, over at Allyson, Recipe Ranger. which, by the way, she's got great recipes over should check them out.

along with my sister, lauren turner, over at Simply Chic Mom, gave some tips about how to shop at a thrift store and about choosing a style statement, which can help you choose the right clothes while shopping. she's got great little nuggets of fashion advice, as well as life advice, over at her blog.

it was a great night of girly talk and was fun to hear from other bloggers about why they blog and what they're passionate about.