napkin flower tutorial

in place of my regular "top ten" post on wednesday's, i thought i'd bring you a fun and super easy diy craft for the holidays...or any time of year!

all you need is the following four items:

two packages of 3-ply (typical party napkins) napkins in two sizes - one larger and one smaller; a pair of scissors; some sort of string/stretch to tie

start with the larger napkins:

cut around the outside of the napkin (the ribbed part):

 you can cut it at sharp angles (like mine) or more round and soft:

 do this with at least 2 large and 2 small napkins. if you want a fuller flower, cut out more napkins.

then you just layer the napkins, starting with the larger ones on the bottom:

then lay the smaller ones on top:

then you fold like an accordion (each fold is about 1" wide):

hold the middle of the accordion together:

and tie with your string:

so it looks like a cute little bow tie:

then you just fluff up the napkins, separating them until you get the shape you like:

there will be less of a clear divide in the middle with more napkins:

and there you have it! the perfect homemade poinsettia for the holidays!


  1. Cute and easy, just how I like it. :-)

  2. Sarah - my tattoo is the modern greek word for "God's love"

  3. cute blog! I noticed the tattoo on the inside of your wrist. I have one in the same exact spot, going in the same exact direction! Ive never seen anyone else with one there. What does yours say?

  4. nevermind. read the previous comments next time, karlee.

  5. karlee - i've never seen anyone else with a tattoo in that spot either...i see a lot of them that are horizontal and high on the wrist near the hand. i guess we just have special ones ;) what does your tattoo say?

  6. Thanks a bunch Lauren! I love the spin on using holiday colors! What a great holiday craft the kiddos can do!

  7. I'll try this on my patriotic month :D


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