my mom and i spent the better half of yesterday doing a little shopping, for christmas and for life : )

we started at the little traveler in geneva, which is a great store with tons of awesome stuff that we used to go to when i was a kid. they had some of their christmas stuff out, so we bought a few ornaments and some additions to our christmas villages. by time we got to the "gourmet foods" room, our stomachs were both rumblin' so we spent an unusual amount of money on dip mixes, crackers, and other little goodies. 

after that, we went over to geneva commons, a little shopping area with anthropologie, h&m, pottery barn, charming charlie, loft, and other goodies like that.

then we hit hobby lobby. the closest hobby lobby to me in raleigh is about an hour and a half, so i only get to go to "the hob" when i'm home. which means that when i do go, i stock up on supplies for jewelry. i also got some great christmas decor at 50% off...which was awesome

we had a fairly [read: very] successful day of shopping, which is always a good day.

and today we're decorating for christmas

happy saturday!


  1. Already decorating for Christmas?? You are my hero!

    Last year I did it the week of Thanksgiving, but it's always been tradition to do it the day after Thanksgiving. I'm going to TRY to wait that long. I don't know if I'll last haha

    Looks like a great shopping day!

  2. amber - my mom wanted me to help while i was home for the weekend so she didn't have to do it all by herself! it feels a little early to me, but i love it anyways! i'm going to hold off until thanksgiving to decorate my own place though :)

    kate - you should be here!

  3. i live in toronto and we don't have a hobby lobby :( I am dying to go into one because I hear SO MUCH about it!

  4. Looks like y'all had a great trip! I love Christmas and will be decorating this coming wknd or next.. I personally think if u wait until after thanksgiving u''ve done all this work for 3 weeks only to take down very fast! Enjoy it! I can't wait!!!

  5. I love The Little Traveler! It's so cute and eclectic. My aunt lives in Naperville and we usually head over to Geneva for some shopping. :)


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