top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:
i die for this outfit, pinned here.

genious idea for light switch covers, pinned here.

this makes me think of my sister's cats, pinned here.

love these from anthro, pinned here.

simple but hard to do sometimes, pinned here.
love chic, pinned here.

this made me laugh out loud, pinned here.
so cute, pinned here.

love the color palette, pinned here.

love this for a centerpiece, pinned here.

what's your favorite?

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black dress with hints of leopard! And I use that Kanye line frequently. Love your blog. So fun to read!

  2. Those SHOES!!! Get on my feet. Now. For real.

  3. I love the "Keep your chin up". Simple and bold.

  4. oh my goodness. those first two pins are my FAVORITE. I love that outfit & would absolutely love to do that to one of my light switches!

  5. I agree/love every single picture in this post. The cat trying to ship the other one is too good. I had to save it to my computer. Love it. I also love your blog! I just stubmbled upon it this morning and had to become a follower. I look forward to many more great posts like this one. In the meantime I am going to read up on all that I missed! Haha.

    -Sarah from


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