as you probably know, my sister and i are pretty weird

oh, you didn't know that? well, just watch this video and you will. 

as if that isn't enough, we also have a "language", if you will. we add R's to virtually every word.

hello = hellur
what up = wert urp
awesome = ursern
blog = blurg
...to name a few

along with that, we replace normal words with funnier words.

case in point:
j crew decided to ruin our day by not having a black friday sale

we're spreading holiday cheer one "elf" at a time! 

who do you share a special language with?


  1. lol. I am laughing because my sister and I were talking about this same thing yesterday! We have a language and names for each other and little catch phrases we use when we are together...well she said she heard that secret languages and names and words are a sign of true love...and that people that do that have a deeper love for one another then say those that don't....crazy right? or maybe it's just a sister thing...lol.

  2. My sister and I like to use "soft J's" like "yogging (jogging), yacket (jacket). However we also like to do the reverse. Jes (yes) Yar (jar) and for some reason we prefer to call chicken yicken. We just think it makes sense :)

  3. If someone REALLY ticks off a woman in my family, to their face we say, "Oh bless your heart". Meaning the worst of worst offs ever. Is this too inappropriate??
    That way we know let each other know to watch out.

  4. Ha Ha- Love this!
    Totally WHY I want a sister :)

  5. Haha! Love that video. And if you don't mind, I'm going to start saying Elf. Hehe.

  6. This made me laugh so hard because my husband and I have a similar special language.

    We add "sk" to the end of words...something to the tune of this:

    ME: "I love you, dearsk"
    HUBBY: "I love yousk toosk"
    ME: "Goodnightsk"
    HUBBY: "Sweet dreamsk"
    ME: *smacks hubby on the rear to see if he is still awake and possibly wanting to talk more about the day*
    HUBBY: "sk"



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