High Five for Friday

we're back to another friday...seriously, how does the week go by so quickly?

1. starting the advent calendar since it's december!

2. mark good riddance hook up concealer - this stuff is a miracle in a stick. it will make you look like you got 9 hours of sleep every night.

3. i'm totally addicted to the x factor on fox. i'm a sucker for singing shows.

4. the keurig...which makes the best hot chocolate ever.

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and check out lauren's post over at pursuing dreams!


  1. aw man! I had no time to come up with my High Five for Friday! Next week I'll join!

  2. I love to envelope sleeve. Where would you get something like that?

  3. Try the Chai Latte for the Keurig, it's like Christmas in a cup! :-)

  4. @susanna - it's from fossil!

    @jjforness - that sounds so good! i'll have to try it, thanks!

  5. I used to watch X Factor, but Drew was voted off last night, and so now I don't watch it. Sort of childish of me, but it was so unfair for Drew!

  6. I actually had that sleeve from Fossil, got it at an estate sale for $3.00!!! Then gave it to one of my cousins for her birthday because she really wanted it. If I ever come across another one....

  7. @Lauren - i hear you, drew does have an amazing voice!

    @Denise - that's crazy! i wish i could find it for that cheap. although, i don't mind paying full price because i totally love it!

  8. What hot chocolate brand is your favorite for the Keurig?? The one I just got for mine wasn't my favorite, I'm hoping to find a better kind next time around.

  9. @Megan - it's Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate - so good!


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