high five for friday

not only is it friday, but it’s the friday before christmas! yeee!

i love christmas.
ornaments, lights, snowmen, christmas music, time with family, cutout cookies, boots, scarves, opening gifts. all the works.

1. getting to eat portillo’s. the best fries, hot dog, and root beer you’ll eva have.

2. x factor finale happened last night – i wasn’t at all surprised with the results, melanie has an amazing voice.
3. rockin’ the top knot on a rainy midwestern day.
4. wearing my hunter boots everyday since i got them.
5. my sonia kashuk luxury lip color in mauvey.
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  1. Meg Cady wrote:

    Thanks for another fab. Installment of high five!

    Loving your top bun! You rock it well! Have a berry merry Christmas!

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  2. Lauren L wrote:

    How cute is your new blog pic???!! Super cute!

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm sorry I submitted my link twice Lauren! I didn't title it right, if you want you can remove number 5 "high five for friday" and leave "my red & purple life". Thanks, love your blog it's so fun! Merry Christmas!

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  4. Top knot tutorial PUH LEASE!!! My hair's at this awkward long phase and a pony just isn't doing it when I want all my hair off my back!

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  5. Lauren wrote:

    I love the top knot, and I also love the lipstick!

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  6. Carolyn wrote:

    I was just going to say "OMG they have Portillo's out there too?" Then I read rainy midwestern day and knew you were back in Chicagoland. Man, the weather yesterday stunk. But today is bright and sunny! I heart Portillo's. I am having a beef with sweet peppers for lunch today! I can't wait. My other fave (when I am being good) is the chopped salad from barnelli's. YUM..

    Hope you and your deeder (what I call my seester) have a great Crimmis (what me and my deeder call Christmas!)

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    Can you post how you did that top knot in your hair? SO CUTE!

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  8. Ally wrote:

    Where did you get your chunky infinity scarf? I have been looking for one forEVA!

    Posted 12.27.11 Reply
  9. { lauren } wrote:

    @Ally – it's from World Market!

    Posted 12.28.11 Reply

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