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i got home last night and was instantly in clean-up mode. i unpacked both suitcases [one full of clothes, the other full of christmas presents], organized my room, and took all my christmas decorations down. am i crazy? i think i am.

i'm spending the day today de-cluttering the downstairs, redecorating a few things, and hopefully buying myself an iPad : ) 

i was reminded yesterday of how great of an artist God is. 


  1. I love the last line :)
    I catch myself thinking the same thing when I spend a lot of time outside.

    Yay iPads!

  2. You're right about God being an artist. I love to see sunrises.

    I just wanted to say thanks for you doing a post about what make-up you wear. (It was awhile back) I was almost out of mascara and decided to try the kind you use. I totally love it!! The kind I had been using made my eyes dry out and this one doesn't. Thanks again.

  3. I took down all my Christmas decor until I was finished late last night...I'm totally feeling it this morning!

  4. Oh Lucky You, send me some of that energy :)
    That is a great picture and you are so right, God is Great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm just like that-- have to unpack and clean as soon as I get home :)

  6. Great photo fom the plane! Hope you enjoy the new iPad - I am looking forward to my new one as well. I'll be posting comparisons to the new Nook tablet soon:

  7. lovely photo from the sky - you have an interesting blog & am off to visit your Etsy shop too.


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