post-christmas dread

the day after christmas has got to be one of the weirdest days of the year. you spend at least a month, if not more, looking forward to and preparing for one day [christmas] and suddenly it's all over. and you have to put away all of your decorations. and suffer through the winter weather that is yet to come. 

the only thing i am happy about is that i will no longer be eating like i'll never have another meal. i easily gained at least 5 pounds in the past 3 days...okay, maybe not. but it feels like it. 

my mom and i went to an antique store the other day and found this...

anyone else have a problem with the fact that this was in an antique store? i can't be that old, can i?

hope you all had a great christmas & happy sunday yesterday!


  1. Winter after Christmas is always the worst part! On the positive side, I usually get new winter clothes for Christmas that make the post-Christmas months more exciting.

  2. Too funny that you guys found that in an antique store! Totally agree, it is a weird day! I'm ready for my house to be back in some sort of order!


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