top knot

i've started wearing my hair in a top knot on "off" days [read: days i don't feel like showering and doing my hair].

it's the perfect little style to make you look like you spent more than five minutes getting ready, but really you didn't.

super easy, versatile, and trendy right now.

without further adieu [or is it "ado"], i give you the top knot

sorry for the video quality. technical difficulties. oh, technology. 


  1. I think its 'ado'. But whos keeping track. Cute hairstyle! That has been my go-to dirty hair day style for awhile too. :P

  2. You should look into the sock bun on pinterest! It is the same concept, but using a sock. Here is the website I discovered it on. And it has changed my life!

  3. Love the top knot! Very cute! I personally cannot pull my hair straight back though b/c I have forehead phobia.. but I could make it work..thanks for the cute do'!

  4. I've been meaning to try this top knot deal. Thanks for the video!

  5. Thank you, thank you! I was hoping you'd post about this! Happy New Year!

    Shannon in PA

  6. YAY! So happy you did a tutorial… my buns usually look like a 5 year old late for ballet class!


  7. So cute. I cut my hair off a few months ago and now i cant wait to grow it back out. I love your blog and your sisters blog. I check them out everyday!

  8. I totally did this to my hair yesterday thanks to your inspiring video!


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