i love lists. more importantly, i love crossing things off lists. also, i'm trying to learn to love doing new things. [i'm a creature of habit.]

enter: 52 in 2012. 
the perfect opportunity to make a list, cross things off, and learn to do new things.

here we go. 52 20 and counting things i want to do in 2012.

1. make homemade salsa in my food processor.

2. post a tutorial for how i curl my hair.

3. replace all of my old make-up brushes with new ones.

4. read the Bible every day.

5. donate all the clothes i haven't worn in the last 2 months to goodwill.

6. read a new book each month.

7. try to sell some of my old purses to clear out my closet.

8. sponsor a child.

9. get involved in college ministry @ church.

10. learn to use my DSLR manually.

11. start a weekly outfit post.

12. clean out my attic.

13. create a button for High Five for Friday.

14. apply for a summer internship.

15. visit DC.

16. whiten my teeth.

17. find a recipe to cook quinoa with.

18. make my mom's homemade pizza.

19. buy lunch for a homeless person.

20. get a massage.

as you can see, i'm stuck at 20! i'm hoping to actually get to 52 before the year is over, but i need your help! 

what are some things you'd like to do this year?

inspire me!