another post about cats…really?

i’m a cat person, through and through. 
nothing could shake my devotion to those fluffly, snuggly little creatures. well, involuntary bowel movements (too far?) and the occasional early morning wake-up could. 
i can’t help but find Simon’s Cat videos absolutely hilarious and incredibly true. 
here’s two of my faves:

but honestly, they’re all worth a watch.
thanks to my sister for showing them to me!

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  1. Crystal wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE Simon's Cat! He nails how cats are, from the sounds they make to their butt shakes. I'm a cat person too, no doubt! Had not seen Double Trouble, I'm in tears it so funny!

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    Hahaha the first video totally reminds me of Boots – she is so slick, I swear!
    I was doing my eyeliner the other day, and I thought she left the bathroom but before I knew it she jumped onto the counter from behind the toilet and batted my makeup brush out of my hand, only to smear eyeliner all over my eyelid! She's crazy! But I wouldn't have it any other way 🙂


    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  3. These were so funny! I have a mission in life to try to understand cats. So far, I'm pretty clueless.

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  4. you have been tagged to play a blog game! See my blog for instructions:

    Have fun!!

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  5. Emily wrote:

    Hahaha thanks for sharing those!

    Btw I love your blog so I tagged you in one of my posts!

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    HAHAHA these are great!

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  7. jennyrb78 wrote:

    So funny. I was dying laughing on that second one.

    Posted 1.13.12 Reply
  8. Love those videos! SO cute!

    Posted 1.13.12 Reply

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