fashion how-to: lace dress

ever wondered how to wear a lace dress? 
lemme show you.
dress it up with a great structured blazer, a pair of pumps, and a clutch. 
keep it classic with a simple cardigan, some wedge sandals, and a simple bag. 
dress it down with a vest, belt, and some flat sandals.
edge it out with a great leather jacket and some chic booties. 
which way would you wear it?

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  1. Jessica wrote:

    I like allll of them!
    But I'm drawn to casual the most.
    Probably because of the belt.
    I have a weird thing for belts…

    🙂 xo

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    Probably classic! 🙂 I do like the edgy though!

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  3. Rose Hall wrote:

    I like the edgy style the best! I would go with a lighter leather though 🙂

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  4. Rose Hall wrote:

    I like the edgy style the best! I would go with a lighter leather though 🙂

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  5. Lindsay wrote:

    I love the classic and edgy looks the most! Good use of the dress form, by the way!

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  6. With the blazer. So sleek.

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  7. Mrs. Darcy wrote:

    I love it with the blazer:)

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  8. Melissa wrote:

    I love dressy, classic, and casual! Classic is my go to though.


    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  9. Jenn wrote:

    I just want a lace dress. Ha

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  10. Kathleen wrote:

    That dress is great!! I think I like the classic look the best though. I love me some cardigans and def need to invest in more! 🙂 I'm a new follower! Love your blog! 🙂

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  11. Savannah wrote:

    Love seeing this dress with so many different "looks". The classic is most like my current style. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 1.26.12 Reply
  12. Julie wrote:

    I love that casual look. Try as I may, I can never get it right 🙂

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  13. Emily wrote:

    Classic is my fav. I'm kinda addicted to cardigans tho…

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  14. Meg Cady wrote:

    UMMM love that lace dress!!! Seriously OBSESSED with lace right now! these are all such great ideas with a presh lace dress!

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  15. Leslie wrote:

    Love all the looks! 🙂 I think I need that lace dress and the coordinated pieces! 🙂

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  16. Katie wrote:

    Just found your blog- new follower! I have been wanting a lace dress forever! This one is so cute! Where is it from??

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  17. Hmmm…. Either the "dressy" or "casual" look. I LOVE them!

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    haha wish I even had a lace dress 😉 but if I did, I would go with either edgy or dressy (but probably edgy) great post, thanks!!

    Posted 1.27.12 Reply

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