i've been in desperate need of a good make-up brush cleaner. i never realized how important it is to clean my make-up brushes until recently, and now i can't believe that i went so long without having a cleaning routine. not only does cleaning help maintain the quality of your brushes, but [and probably more importantly] it means much less dirt and junk being spread on your face every day from dirty brushes. ew. 

i bought this cleaner from sephora this weekend. and it's great. all you do is run your brush under warm water, add a drop of the shampoo, and work it through your brush. then rinse it out and let it dry! it's super easy and something you can do every morning after you use your brush to apply your makeup.

you can find it here.

also great? it's only $6 and should last a decent amount of time because you don't have to use very much at all. 

also also great? it means i get to cross something of my [still in progress] 52 in 2012 list. i love that.