top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

pretty sure this chevron couch was
made for me, pinned here.

cannot handle this cuteness, pinned here.

love this Chanel bracelet, pinned here.

inspiration wall, pinned here.

in love with this dress, pinned here.

i love this angry red pepper, pinned here.

endless hours of fun, pinned here.

i find this hilarious, pinned here.

loving this color palette, pinned here.

hamburger cupcakes, pinned here.

which one is your favorite?

my tattoos: part two

remember when i told you guys about my first tattoo?

here's the story behind my second:

i got this one about a month after my 19th birthday, just under a year after my first one. i thought about this tattoo for about six months before i got it.

it's faded a bit since i got it. getting it touched up
has been on my to-do list for about
2 years. someday, i'll actually do it.

this one is a dove of peace. it's on the right side of my rib cage, which you can kind of tell from the second photo. out my three tattoos, this one was the most sore afterwards. it pretty much felt like i got kicked in the ribs...for about five days straight. it was worth it though :)

this tattoo has a few layers of meaning. first, in the Christian faith, a dove represents the holy spirit, following the story of the spirit descending on Jesus when he was baptized in the Jordan River. second, i chose to have the branch in the mouth as a representation of the promise of the holy spirit living in me (think: the story of noah sending out the dove to find a branch and the dove returning with one, telling noah that the water had receded, as God promised it would). third, the branch is green, making it look like it's living, to represent that the holy spirit is alive in me. and fourth (i told you there was a lot of meaning), i chose to get it on my ribs because that spot is about as close to my "soul" as i could get.

so, there you have it. tattoo number two.

sponsor spotlight: Lucy @ Lucy's Knitting Shop

i'm really excited about FMGD's newest sponsor, Lucy. she knits fabulous things and sells them over in her etsy shop.

i'll let her introduce herself:

Hello friends! 
I'm Lucy, from Lucy's Knitting Shop. I design and create beautiful knit and crochet accessories for women. After moving to the USA from Europe, I noticed how poor the market for women's knit and crochet accessories in department stores is. I saw poor quality, old fashioned hats that I would not wear I decided to open my shop on where I can sell my handmade unique collection. I've started with a few headbands which had a huge success and now I can offer almost 200 items for sale. 

My goal is to make every woman look beautiful and unique! I customize my headbands and hats by color and size. You will be advised about the fit in order to find the best product.

I have been doing crochet and knitting since I was 10. I still remember my first scarf made with those hysterically yellow plastic needles and unbearably blue acrylic yarn. Oh was not easy. My son is asking to teach him how to knit. He wants to help me with I'm busy with my projects. However, he is too little (only 7) to have a good hand coordination and patience so, it's not working yet...maybe in a couple of years.

I'm a perfectionist and take pride in my work. Since it's impossible to guarantee a perfect fit of clothes with an Internet shop, I'm offering mostly accessories: hats, headbands, bootcuffs, cup cozies, etc. All my creations are my own designs, and I truly enjoy thinking of something new every time. 

I'm currently hosting a St. Patrick's Day Spring Green Headband Giveaway on my facebook page. Please like me for a chance to win!

welcome, Lucy! so happy to have you!

high five for friday

oh, friday, i'm happy to have you here. 

it's been kind of a crazy week, so i'm excited for a few days off to relax and catch up on some things.

but first, five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. my favorite part of any day.

2. the weather here has been a little crazy. winter on sunday & summer on thursday.

3. this is a typical conversation i have with my sister. she tends to worry about me a little bit. 

4. i recently discovered that the cats must always be touching while sleeping.

5. duke had a great win against florida state last night.

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product spotlight: mark's tinted lip balm

uh oh, i think i found a new favorite lip balm. it's mark.'s totally balmed tinted lip balm. and it has SPF 15 in it! 

also, it's $2.99. yep, you read that right. supplies are limited, so get your hands on one while they last!

i bought it in the totally bare and totally sweet shades. 

also, this stuff keeps your lips moisturized for a seriously long time. i was kinda shocked at how long it felt fresh on my lips, even after eating. 

it adds the perfect amount of color to your lips without looking like a lipstick
wanna get your hands on one? let me be your mark. rep!
 just go here!

top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

love this desk tray, pinned here.

this is good to remember, pinned here.

love this desk organization, pinned here.

chevron area rug, pinned here.

pretty bouquets, pinned here.

love the bold colors, pinned here.

cool desk, pinned here.

easy DIY project, pinned here.

wouldn't question it, pinned here.

love these colors, pinned here.

which one is your favorite?

my tattoos: part one

i've had a couple people ask me about my tattoo on my arm, which can be seen in some of my photos. so i thought i'd do a little post about it, as well as my other two tattoos.

i've always liked tattoos. i like that they're an individual expression of a person, and that they can be incredibly unique and meaningful. it's art that you carry with you each and every day. for me, my tattoos represent something that is integral to who i am as a person. they represent my faith in jesus. 

let's start with my first one, shall we? i got it when i was a senior in high school, just two months after my 18th birthday. i knew what i wanted when i was about 17, but waited a year to make sure that i still wanted it when i was able to get it. 

the tattoo is the word "agape", in classical greek. [a lot of people think i'm greek because of it, but i'm not!] "agape" is the greek word for love, specifically the love of God for mankind. it's a word for unconditional, sacrificial, selfless love. the kind of love that can only come from God. 

i chose the spot for my tattoo for a couple reasons. first, as part of my faith, i believe that God created the world and everything in it. He created it with his hands, so i wanted my tattoo near my hand. second, some people believe that spot is where a vein leads directly to your heart (which is why, traditionally, wedding rings are worn on your left ring finger). whether this is scientifically true or not, i'm not sure. but i like to think so.

what i love about my tattoo is that it's a daily reminder that God loves me. and that i need to try to love people with that kind of love too.

parts two and three coming soon!

sponsor spotlight: Kim @ It's A Crafty Life

i'm super excited to introduce you to FMGD's latest sponsor, Kim.

i'll let her introduce herself:

Hello, friends! My name is Kim and I blog over at It's a Crafty Life. I've been blogging for a little over a year now, and I so love meeting new people in this awesome  community. My blog started off as just a crafting blog, but I have slowly changed my focus over time. I still love to share my crafting projects, but I also share free printables, recipes,  my photography, decorating, and bits of my every day life. I also have a weekly link up party for healthy living ideas. I need all the help and motivation I can get to eat right and fit in some exercising haha! Can I get an amen?!  I've also recently opened an Etsy shop where I've listed some fun printables and cute customized key ring holders. I hope you stop by my blog or shop and say hi, I'd love to get to know you!

so, go check out her blog here. 
and her fabulous etsy shop here.

welcome, Kim. so happy to have you here!

high five for friday

friday. it's here. 

here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. my best friend was here last weekend. it was so good to hang out, even if it was for less than 2 days.

before we went to the duke game on saturday!

2. i added a left sidebar to the blog so it's got a bit of a different look...and i love it! 

3. i have a break between classes on tuesday/thursday so i decided to get lunch and read my latest book on my iPad. i kinda loved having the time to myself.

4. i went to a new college small group this week and really liked it. i'm thankful for a God who knows exactly what i need and when i need it.

5. i'm kinda obsessed with this duvet cover from urban outfitters and just may have to buy it. i could use a little makeover in my room. my ripped (thanks to my cats) duvet cover just isn't cutting it anymore.
you can find it here.

what have been your five favorite things from this week?

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fashion tip: statement necklace

ever wondered how to wear a statement necklace?

a reader e-mailed me about a week ago asking for some suggestions about what to pair a great statement necklace with.

here's a few ideas:

statement necklaces are great with a cute dress and structured blazer
dress & blazer - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
necklace - Forever 21

dress up a simple top with the necklace and a light sweater
top - H&M
sweater - T.J. Maxx

add some flair to a simple button up
shirt - JCPenney

throw the necklace on over a top with a high neckline for a classy look
top - T.J. Maxx

Add the necklace to dress up an everyday tank top and open-front sweater
tank top - Old Navy
sweater - T.J. Maxx

which version is your favorite?

top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

love these spice jars, pinned here.

i'm loving everything about this room, pinned here.

simple green bag, pinned here.

words to live by, pinned here.

pretty table, pinned here.

love the color, style, and knobs, pinned here.

mixing colors & patterns, pinned here.

love black & brown together, pinned here.

looks delicious, pinned here.

baking cookies in a waffle iron, pinned here.

which one is your favorite?