back in time

came across these treasures this weekend...ohhhhh boy.

kate's (left) expression cracks me up in this one

i look thrilled

christmas photo with a wooden horse?

twinkies at a young age

kate and those awesome glasses
the whole family in spain

middle school make-up...scary

kate's high school graduation
at our cousin's wedding a few years back


  1. This is like a snapshot of my sister and me... the hair, the clothes, the make-up.... wow! Gotta love the 90's ;) You look just like your mom BTW! All of you are gorgeous!

  2. Aren't sisters just the best!!! You two are so cute!!

  3. Cute pics! I love Kate's bobbed hair! Makes me want to cut mine again.


  4. you guys are adorable!!

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    1. Thanks for the stroll down warm memory lane. :)

  6. sisters are the best, aren't they? too cute. i love looking at old pictures. i am a new follower. check out my blog, and if you like follow along && be sure to enter my giveaway.

  7. Lauren! You & your sister are beautiful! I love reading your blog everyday. I made friends online with Jess over @ LovelyLittleThings and it's so fun to see a small group of blog ladies coming together! Can't wait to meet you eventually!

  8. It's always fun looking at old pictures! You girls look GREAT!

  9. adorable memories! Love when you can see the beautiful flowers that blossom from baybays!!

  10. Kate looks the same, but you look totally different!
    These are fun. You've inspired me to go digging through old photo albums...hello weekend project! :)

    Hope your Monday is as good as Mondays can be!

  11. I love posts like this one! My sister is four years older, and we've grown to be best friends too. We're equals now, but it's funny to look back through childhood pictures that make it very clear there's a age gap (much like your "Twinkies at a young age" photo)! LOVE. THIS. POST.

  12. I have 2 sisters so can totally relate to all the smiles, hair and make-up. Love old pics! Thanks for sharing yours!

  13. Wow, you guys looked SO different as little kids. It's funny how that happens!

    You're both gorgeous, and I love reading your guys' blogs!


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