high five for friday

hello, friday. so happy to have you here.
lemme take a second and share five of my favorite things this week:
1. an incredible duke win against carolina on wednesday. for those of you who don’t know, duke and unc have one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball…so this was a huge game. i have to admit, i was prepared for the worst – a duke loss. oh ye of little faith. the dukies pulled it off…and this is how:

notice the score…and the time remaining when rivers throws up that 3. amazing. but i gotta admit, my favorite part of this video is when the entire team has a group hug on the floor.
2. my best friend gets here tomorrow! yessssss!

3. this is their re-enactment of nickelodeon’s “catdog”

4. jason wu’s new collection for target

(planning to do a post about this next week)
5. i almost convinced myself today that i need to go shopping for some new jeans tomorrow. then i remembered that i have a bag of jeans that i need to take to the tailor to get hemmed/taken in. there’s nothing quite like rediscovering clothes in your closet.
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  1. Meg Cady wrote:

    Have so much fun with your BFF!!! I am reuniting with my 2 besties in a week and i am COUNTING DOWN the days!!!

    I busted out with your catdog reference! seriously too funny!!

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    Bag of jeans. . .hilarious. I don't know why but that made me laugh out loud. And #3 made me laugh out loud too. You are SO funny.

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  3. Jessica wrote:

    Catdog…hahaha oh man.
    Your little guys are the cutest!

    AND I went to a Target that I don't normally go to (it's closer to my apartment than my normal one)
    and can you believe that they "didn't carry" the new Jason Wu collection…FAIL.
    Needless to say – I'm making my way home this weekend to scout out the Targets over there.

    Have so much fun with you bff 🙂
    Happy weekend, girl!


    PS – I'm about to start book 3 of Hunger Games…ahhh

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  4. Beverly wrote:

    the mirror image of the cats is toooo cute!! Did they practice??

    Happy TGIF!

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  5. Holy 3-pointer! Nice. You and your BIL must have died! And the CatDog reference is too funny. My little brother loved that show! (Did I just age myself?)

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  6. Elise wrote:

    I had a sneaking suspicion that #1 might make an appearance on here today…!!!!!

    And, how could it not?

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  7. Crystal wrote:

    That's great…Love the catdog reenactment! They are snuggle buddies, so cute!

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    boooooo Duke!

    🙂 just a die-hard UNC fan here

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  9. love your blog! i'm excited about the new line at target and always LOVE finding clothes in the closet 🙂 happy weekend!

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply

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