hello, friday. so happy to have you here.

lemme take a second and share five of my favorite things this week:

1. an incredible duke win against carolina on wednesday. for those of you who don't know, duke and unc have one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball...so this was a huge game. i have to admit, i was prepared for the worst - a duke loss. oh ye of little faith. the dukies pulled it off...and this is how:

notice the score...and the time remaining when rivers throws up that 3. amazing. but i gotta admit, my favorite part of this video is when the entire team has a group hug on the floor.

2. my best friend gets here tomorrow! yessssss!

3. this is their re-enactment of nickelodeon's "catdog"

4. jason wu's new collection for target

(planning to do a post about this next week)

5. i almost convinced myself today that i need to go shopping for some new jeans tomorrow. then i remembered that i have a bag of jeans that i need to take to the tailor to get hemmed/taken in. there's nothing quite like rediscovering clothes in your closet.

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