oh, 4:30 am

i'm not liking what you're bringing to the table. like making me wake up and drive my friend to the airport after a great weekend. nope, i don't like you.

but, i do like duke. and i did like getting to take sam to her very first duke game.

my BIL got us some awesome tickets, three rows off the floor

duke love

the dukies in their special nike uniforms

miles plumlee had his best game yet and we were this close to him as he did a TV interview

needless to say, sam's a huge fan now. and she's also convinced that she and miles will get married one day.


  1. That was nice of your BIL! And great seats like that will make a fan out of anyone!

  2. good news is that you made wonderful new memories with your bestie :) early bird gets the worm goooorl!


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