kony 2012

i dare you to take 30 minutes and watch this video. and i dare you to join the movement and stop joseph kony.

go here to buy the action kit, bracelet, or a cool tee to help spread the word.
change the course of human history: share this video on facebook, twitter, your blog, anything that will help spread the word and bring this guy to justice. oh, and save a whole mess of lives too. 
**just to clarify: i’m not telling you guys that you need to donate money or give anything to invisible children. it’s not my place or position to tell anyone what they should do with their money. but, i do think that it’s important to know about what’s going on in the world, and watching this video is part of that.

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  1. Let's make Kony famous! I really need to post this video on my blog today.

    Happy Friday Eve, Lauren! And cheers to a weekend of getting to feel like our cats — fed, cuddled, and served! 😉

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  2. They address all their critiques and financials on the website.


    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  3. jayde wrote:

    SO important to know the facts before you donate money … especially to IC. While I agree that Kony is a terrible man, and should be stopped, I also think it's important that if we're donating to such a cause that the money is actually going to the RIGHT place. Please take a moment to really read a few more articles out there to educate yourself on the entire situation. There are a few charities that will give ALL of the money you donate to the cause, and not to their already-wealthy founders. Please consider donating there. Here are some really good articles, and a tumblr dedicated to people jumping on board with IC so quickly, and not knowing all of the facts.

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  4. Thank you SO MUCH for spreading awareness! I think people are missing the point…donating doesn't really do much for the people that are there…but spreading awareness and keeping this a "hot issue" in the political realm internationally DOES help. I choose not to donate my money, but I also choose to spread the message. The point is to set a precedent for international justice.

    Posted 3.14.12 Reply

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