my tattoos: part 3

we’ve made it, folks. i’m sharing my final tattoo with you today!
i got this one on my 20th birthday. it was one that i knew i wanted for about three months, so i went ahead and did it. as you know, my tattoos represent something to do with my faith, and this last one is no exception.
i got the phrase “walk in love” on my foot, to represent Jesus’ life on earth and also to remind me how i’m supposed to live. the phrase comes from 2 john: 6, which says “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.”

as soon as i stumbled upon that verse, i knew that i wanted it to be the tattoo that represented Jesus in the Trinity. as you may remember, “agape” represents God and the dove of peace represents the Holy Spirit.
Jesus lived a life that was characterized by love. as a christian, i am supposed to do the same. so, i got this tattoo to remind me that no matter where i go, who i encounter, or what i do, i should do it all with love and in love. 
i got it on my foot because Jesus walked on the earth, just as i am doing now. also, it kinda makes sense to have it there, since the phrase is about walking and all!
miss the first two tattoos?

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  1. I need to read your other tattoo posts, but this one is really neat. Love it! I want a tattoo so badly, but am so scared of the pain. I want one on my foot as well. Thinking about having it say "Everything happens for a reason"
    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  2. Holly wrote:

    Love this, so simple yet a powerful meaning! I also love a little ink on the foot. How bad did it hurt? I'd love to get my next one there but haven't come up with the courage yet 🙂

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
    • it didn't really hurt that bad, honestly. the one on my ribs was definitely the most sore afterwards! to me, tattoos are more annoying than painful. it's a super weird feeling when the artist is doing it, but it's not something that made me want to cry or stop. i think it's totally worth the temporary annoyance/pain!

      Posted 3.29.12 Reply
    • Jennifer wrote:

      Yes they are more of an annoyance not that they don't hurt but it's more of a burning pain. Afterwards it feel kinda like a sun burn! So worth it though 🙂

      Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  3. Tabitha wrote:

    wow, so very inspring thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed learning about what each of these mean to you! Where that one is located looked like it might of been painful, was it painful?

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  4. Liz Brown wrote:

    That is so perfect. I like the symbolism so so much. So … the way I'm seeing it, you have one for each member of the Trinity … ?

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  5. I love this, Lauren! And yes — great placement for such a statement!

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I love this! I need to read your other 2 parts to this!

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  7. Love, love, love!

    I want my text tattoo on my foot but I'm kind of terrified!
    I heard they're painful! Eeeek!


    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
    • it wasn't bad! my ribs were definitely more painful/sore afterwards. the foot recovers pretty quickly! you should go for it 🙂

      Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  8. Love this and I love the meaning behind all 3 of your tattoos!

    Posted 3.29.12 Reply
  9. Meg Cady wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE… if I went a whimp I would draw inspiration from the same verse! Just love the message of his love for us and how we should reflect it!!

    Youre wonderful!


    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  10. Katie wrote:

    i love it!!

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  11. Love your tattoo! I've been thinking about getting one for a couple years now, but I just can't go through with it yet. I'm too afraid of getting something I won't want in a few years.

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  12. Jess wrote:

    I just got my first tattoo on the inside arch of my foot. I got the infinity symbol with love written into it. It's a testimony to the fact that I know a Love that never ends and He loved me enough to die for me! Love your new ink! 🙂


    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  13. hey lauren. so, i met you last night at the blogger meetup and it was a lot of fun. thanks for being a great hostess. i am sad to say that i had never visited your blog before today. a friend that i work with (that follows) said we have the same tattoo, so i just had to look up the post. i have "walk in love" on the top of my left foot. i got it last september to mark the day before our new church site launched (which my husband i and were a big part of). however, i chose this from ephesians 5:2 "walk in love, just as Christ also loved you …" guess the meaning is still the same as yours. just a reminder to strive every day to love like Jesus. anywho, it was great to meet you. have a great week!

    Posted 4.16.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey Lauren,

    I love reading your blog. It's inspired me to write my own (because the world needs one more young blonde woman sharing her thoughts and clothing choices). 😀 Iwanted to let you know that there is a store called "walk in love" in Lancaster PA. Super far, Iknow. I believe that they are developing a store. They've got t's with great saysing and scripture, back packs, cardis and killer jewelry. Every purchase goes to missions. Beauty of small business, eh?

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    Posted 9.14.12 Reply

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