folks. it's happened. i've made my schedule for my last two semesters of college. eeeeeep! 
[even though, technically, i should be graduating this semester...seeing as i've been in college for 7.5 semesters...and i feel like i've done enough work to fill at least two moving trucks...but, alas, i've transferred schools twice, which equals extra semesters. bleck.]

in other news, i'm loving this new dress i got at macy's on sale. i love sales.

dress: Macy's, Be Bop brand
sweater: T.J.Maxx (old)
tights: H&M
boots: Wet Seal
necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie (unavailable at this time)

in other, other news: bethany (from goldylocks & the barrows) gave me a little tip that J Bella is offering FREE shipping on orders over $50! use coupon code: BethanyShips