panic mode

this morning, the unthinkable happened. 

one of the cats was lost. milo, to be exact. 

here's what happened:

i woke up, with 2 cats hogging both my pillows. did some laundry, unpacked a little and then decided to go to the grocery store. when i left for the store, both cats were in the living room, just hanging out.

45 minutes later:
i get home from the store and bring my groceries in. otis immediately comes running out to me but milo doesn't. i thought that was a little weird, but figured he was still a little scared in the new place and was hiding in the closet (where he spent most of yesterday). not in the closet. not in the bathroom. not in the laundry room. not in the refrigerator (yes, i seriously checked the refrigerator). 


i call my sister. she immediately comes over to help me look. we ransack the place. i mean, checked every square inch. no sign of milo. i take treats outside and call his name. i'm convinced that there's no way he got out but he wasn't in the apartment, so that was the only other option.

more panic. many tears. nausea. 

what am i going to do?

hour and 30 minutes later:
kate went home to use the internet to alert the microchip company that milo might turn up somewhere and to contact me. (by the way, i've never been more thankful that my cats are micro-chipped. if you have them and they're not, you should seriously consider doing it.) she comes back with my BIL justin. he ransacks the place, too. no sign.

at this point, i'm beside myself. i don't know what i'm going to do if i can't find him. (by the way, i have no idea what i'm going to do if i have children and this happens.)

justin starts looking in the kitchen, kate's outside, i'm standing in the living room praying. 

"found him!" 

those are my two favorite words today. justin, in all his great wisdom, checked under the cabinets on the floor to see if there were any gaps between the cabinets and the baseboards. sure enough. 

this is where milo was hanging out.
i had the hold my phone up so high that i couldn't even see what it was taking a photo of
he's still just hanging out in there. taking naps, eating treats. investigating. kate, justin, and i decided it was his man cave. he seems to be enjoying himself.

sweet, sweet relief. 

high five for friday

friday, i'm really diggin' everything you're bringing to the table. so, keep it up.

here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. wearing my cobalt blue pants. i just love them.
american rag, macy's
2. getting froyo with my sister. this place is about .3 miles from my new place. i'm in trouble.
3. he was passed out, cuddling with my arm. it was nearly impossible to leave for class that day.
4. this lunch on a rainy thursday afternoon. so good.
5. MOVING DAY IS HERE! tomorrow's the big day! so excited!

why dont'cha share five of your favorite things, too? 
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coffee mug swap

as some of you may know, i participated in the coffee mug swap that Susan over at Suzels Says is hosting.

i got paired up with Bonnie over at bonn bonn boutique. she sent me these adorable mugs with his and hers mustaches. currently, i'll just be using the hers ;)

good news for you: there's still 6 days left to get in on this action! just go HERE to find out more details!

trend watch: high-low hemline

have you guys noticed all the high-low skirts and dresses in stores these days?

i haven't quite decided how i feel about this funky little hemline. i like that it's different. i don't like that it can look like the piece of clothing was very poorly made (i.e. doesn't have an even hemline in the front and back). 

here's some that i've seen around:

the limited


forever 21
so, what do you think? 
are you planning on adding one to your spring/summer wardrobe?

listen up, monday

i've never been your biggest fan. and yesterday reminded me why. 

presentations, cold weather, work, rain, and a shattered iPhone screen. remember that, monday? 

i sure do. 
shirt: j. crew outlet, necklace: francesca's
but, today is tuesday. and tuesday means chambray shirts, hot pink necklaces, and (hopefully) another day closer to a healthy little phone.

here's to you, tuesday! 
don't make me regret this.


i've been acting like a complete fool since 1992. will i ever grow up?

high five for friday

anybody know how friday is already here? i sure don't.

the more things i have on my to-do list, the faster the days pass by. 
(how poetic, right?)

here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. finding new meaning in words i've read countless times.
2. as you know, we had our blog meet-up this past weekend! it was SO fun and such a great success. looking forward to more in the future!
3. finding some awesome new fonts on and i'm in trouble.

4. these little snuggle bunnies. they really love each other.
5. i'm moving in one week and one day. eeeeeek. 
so. much. to. do.

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latest obsession

guys, i realized something really profound today. actually, not at all. but, i did realize that i kinda love statement necklaces for the spring. seeing as all of these have somehow made their way into my home in the past month, i'd say prospects are pretty good that i'll be buying more before summer hits. 

sorry, bank account.

top ten

here's my top ten from pinterest this week:

totally doing this to my wooden spoons
simple and beautiful
love the color combo
definitely have had weeks like this
love the paint job on the table
i want this in my house
love bold prints
really cute display
love these
simple & clean

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

recap: latte's & blogging

i can't really believe that latte's & blogging has already come and gone. i was looking forward to it for so long and had such a good time meeting some local bloggers.

we met at  benelux cafe downtown raleigh. my sister and i happened upon it last summer and knew that it was the perfect place for our little get together. it was just the right size and a great atmosphere for the night. oh, and their waffles are the bomb. if you live in the area, it's a must try. 

me, kate & carrie before all the ladies showed up!

mingle, mingle, mingle

all the bloggers that made it!

i'm so looking forward to being able to connect with these lovely ladies through our blogs and hopefully have more local events in the future!

stanley's ritz cookies

my grandpa's name was stanley. people called him pete. 

why? i have no idea.

either way, he was quite the genius in the kitchen. he always made a huge spread of food any time he knew we were coming to hang out with him. one of my favorite things of his were the cookies he made from ritz crackers. (yes, i realize that these cookies are probably not unique to my grandpa, but i'm giving him credit because he's the one who taught me how to make them!) so i thought i'd share them with you today! they're a super easy and fast treat.

once the chocolate has set, feel free to eat the whole pan and not share any of them. 


sponsor updates

since getting my lovely new design, i've made a few changes around here. one of them being my sponsor page! i've added more options, with small and large ad choices. if you're interested in sponsoring FMGD, just shoot me an e-mail and we can chat!

happy saturday, lovelies!

high five for friday

first: i can't believe it's friday already
second: i can't believe it's april 13th already

time, where have you gone?

let's review five of my favorite things from this past week. sound good?

1. my new blog design. obvs. (short for obviously. obnoxious, i know.)
it's hard to imagine loving my design more than i already do. AND i added new categories on the top of my left sidebar! you can now search for specific things - beauty, fashion, diy, recipes! i'm hoping to add more to it!

2. starbucks blonde k-cups. enough said. 

3. blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven. again, enough said.

4. if i didn't know any better, i'd say he was probably definitely hiding from his brother and trying to avoid a brawl. they basically brawl every morning. i'm talking big tailed-scary meow-tufts of fur all over the floor-brawling.

5. my new stacking rings from Target! (...which, of course, i couldn't find on the target website to give you guys a link BUT i'm pretty sure they're new because they had a ton when i was there -- check the jewelry section at your local target for them!)

and i created a new H54F button to go along with my new design! be sure to add it to your blog if you participate in H54F!

as always, link up with your own H54F post below!

designer love

as promised, i'm giving my blog designer a HUGE shout-out today. 

her name is Michele, and she's the genius behind Diesel + Juice and Savvy Citrus.
at Diesel + Juice, she does custom portraits and prints. 

like this one she did for my sister

Savvy Citrus is her web design page. here's a little snippet of what she offers!

i found Michele through my sister and am SO glad i did. she was such a joy to work with. why?

(in no particular order...)
1. great communication -- i swear, she would respond to e-mails before i even sent them. she's that good. 

2. incredible eye for design. i mean, just look at my new blog! eeek! i love it!

3. i gave her a very rough description of what i was looking for and she interpreted it so well and we ended up with this. she was definitely the brains and talent behind this beauty.

4. she was very accommodating to any changes that i requested (which, there weren't many at all because she did great mockups for me)

5. she's awesome. end of story.

i cannot say enough great things about her and her work. if you're interested in her services, head on over to one of her pages and check them out! or you can click on one of her buttons over on the left and it will take you to her websites.

thank you, Michele, for doing such an incredible job on my blog. i seriously just stare at it sometimes. it's a beauty. 

new design


new day. new design. 

whatdya think?! 

i just so happen to LOVE it. 

{full post about the designer coming soon - she's amazing!}

apartment inspiration

i'm moving. in less than three weeks. 

i'm also finishing a semester, working a lot, and co-hosting a local blogger meet-up. 

whew, i'm already tired. 

one great thing about moving is getting to redecorate! i love to decorate. and redecorate. and rearrange. and reorganize. you get the picture.

the past several weeks, i've been scouring the internet for inspiration photos for my new place. 

here's a few:






i can't wait to finally get in there and do some serious decorating, folks. and, of course, i'll take lots of photos.