apartment inspiration

i’m moving. in less than three weeks. 
i’m also finishing a semester, working a lot, and co-hosting a local blogger meet-up. 
whew, i’m already tired. 
one great thing about moving is getting to redecorate! i love to decorate. and redecorate. and rearrange. and reorganize. you get the picture.
the past several weeks, i’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration photos for my new place. 
here’s a few:






i can’t wait to finally get in there and do some serious decorating, folks. and, of course, i’ll take lots of photos.

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  1. I love it all! Especially the fireplace mantle with the bare frames & the bedroom with that cute little seating area! I have redoing a home office/workstation && redoing the bedroom in a grey/yellow color scheme… Oh I could go on and on… Good luck with your move!!


    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  2. Kara wrote:

    Geez they're all so gorgeous! I was in the same place of stress when I moved. I had like 24 hours to repaint and pack everything up and had like an 8 hour shift at work that day. It was kinda awful!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    I want to live in all of those places.

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  4. Meg Cady wrote:

    Redecorating is DEF the best part of moving!!! My roomates in college would HATE when I got in a redecorating/ rearanging mood! so fun!

    I LOVE that bedroom set it! I love when beds are backed up to windows!!

    Such great iinspiration!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  5. These pictures..all of them..
    make me want to redecorate my entire apartment!
    like NOW!

    🙂 xo

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  6. Courtney wrote:

    I can't wait to see pictures of your new place! I love your style! =)

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  7. How exciting that you are moving!!!! I can't wait to get my own place and decorate using all of my pins from pinterest!!! Happy Tuesday!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  8. Amy wrote:

    That first picture did me in.
    I'm in love.
    I'm super excited to see your new place all packed out and decorated! =)
    You should totally do a little house tour of what you've got left and snap some pictures. 🙂

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  9. I definitely did the jars, lace, and twine for my wedding last year. And we kept some of them to decorate our place!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  10. Allison wrote:

    My husband and I are moving as well!! I'm so glad that you and your sister are doing the same thing and posting advice and ideas. They are amazing! I love following you! Keep it up!!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  11. I love all of these…if I could mash them into one place to live I would be set!


    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  12. I can't wait to see the pictures!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  13. Tristan wrote:

    I'm in the exact same boat! Except I'm moving Friday! I have the first two pictures and the desk picture pinned and I can't wait to decorate! Looking forward to see what you decide.

    I'll be posting lots of pictures of my new place and decorations too on my blog over at tristanlynae.blogspot.com

    Posted 4.11.12 Reply
  14. Emily B wrote:

    I'm about to move too! Good luck with everything. I can't wait to see tons of pictures of your new place!

    Posted 4.12.12 Reply
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